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Moving Scam, Rainier Overseas Movers, Sharon Barolo / Liars and Scammers

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Tim Walker, Rainier Overseas Movers, Sharon Barolo are a bunch of liars and scammers is a “self-proclaimed consumer advisory site”
Tim Walker, the owner of declares:

….I founded in 2001 after I was scammed by America's Best Movers and decided to fight back. Others joined me, and together, we've been helping consumers find reliable moving companies for over five years. At the core of the web site are message boards staffed around the clock by experienced volunteers who answer moving-related questions promptly and at no cost to the consumer. None of the volunteers receive any income from this activity. is dedicated to providing solid, impartial consumer education and to working for better consumer protections in the moving industry….

Unfortunately, many facts lead to the conclusion that Tim Walker, his “Sponsors” and the “Unpaid Volunteers” are not driven by any such noble motives.

Tim Walker’s “Sponsors” are moving companies, like Rainier Overseas Movers which are paying Tim Walker to be recommended and receive moving leads from his web site.
For paying Tim Walker, “Sponsors” like Rainier Overseas Movers, are getting “defense” and “offense“ posting services from Tim Walker’s “Unpaid Volunteers”.

It works like this:

In the “defense” mode
We do not believe that any one can put a negative posting heading about a paying “Sponsor”; it will not be published on You will only find negative comments about a paying “Sponsor” in a reply to a posting.
Within hours of any negative comment, a herd of “Unpaid Volunteers” led by one, Sharon Barolo, will swing to action with a flood of fabricated and deceiving postings all aimed to defend the paying “Sponsor”.

In the “offense” mode
When a consumer puts an inquiry about other movers, the herd of “Unpaid Volunteers” will post lies and deceiving information, all to divert the consumer to one of the paying “Sponsors”.
This “offense” mode will also be applied to activities on other “Consumers Advisory Sites” placing defaming posting about competition which will be later used as “references” in their posting on

Sound like a far fetched story? Think about this.
One of Tim Walker’s “Unpaid Volunteers” is Sharon Barolo.
This individual is using various screen names for her postings. The most known one is “MUSIC MOM”
“MUSIC MOM” has more than 16, 000 postings in
Yes, you read correctly, SIXTEEN THOUSAND postings!
This represents more than 13% of the total 122, 000 or so current postings on

Do you believe that this individual decided to place a few thousand postings each month, for years, without pay, out of the goodness of her heart?

All that is needed is to put in some time to check the blunt lies in her postings. Do it and you will know for sure what this is all about.
Like “facts” published in cheap tabloids, Sharon Barolo’s lies can be exposed by doing the research and finding the truth, such as finding that competition accused of operating without licenses are fully licensed for years, etc.
This unscrupulous individual, whom Tim Walker described as an “Unpaid Volunteer” is posting blatant lies, with her bosses consent.
Claiming that properly licensed companies do not have the required licenses, fabricating stories, all aiming to deceive consumers and influence them to choose one of the paying “Sponsors”, and not any of their competition.

This practice has been going on for years and is raising more and more complaints from moving companies and consumers.
To follow more closely on some of these complaints go to /link removed/ and search for
Find what some consumers and other moving companies have to say about, its paying “Sponsors” and Tim Walker’s “Unpaid Volunteer”.
You will be displeased with such level of hypocrisy.

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