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TOTAL Rip Off. The website advertises that this is the new way movies will be viewed and furthermore that they have an Unlimited Download Rate of US Dollarss $39.95 and only when I got into the site did I see that this is a TOTAL RIP OFF.
The movies are ancient and are NOT DvD quality as they say that they are and they are obscure useless movies.
I sent an email to them and they have not replied. STAY AWAY from this lot. I am now going to have a go through my ANZ Visa Card to see if I can get a refund, so wish me luck.

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  • Ri
      Sep 08, 2010

    just check out

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  • Do
      Jun 15, 2013

    RULE # 1: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!
    How on earth can they allow you unlimited movie downloads for a year--which could easily amount to 750+ movies--for only $40? Let's stretch it and assume you are very aggressive (2.5 movies a day) that would give them 4c a movie. They have their own expenses, and would end up giving the studios only a penny or two in royalties. Yeah right!
    OK. So let's give them the benefit of the doubt; it is legal. Then the site must be full of old, royalty free movies. Further, my background is marketing--if what they say is true I would be splashing all the blockbusters of the past few years, and the latest and greatest just-out-on-DVD movies right across my website. In layman's terms--Sell the Sizzle! They aren't selling any sizzle; quite the contrary, they are hiding the sizzle behind some pretty ambiguous claims. If I were to rate this site (Siskel and Ebert) I would give it a huge TWO THUMBS DOWN!

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  • Sm
      Jun 18, 2013

    They also have these sites:

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