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Movie writers and directors / Movie filming cameras shake too much

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Why do the movie writers and directors tell the cameraman to keep shaking the camera during 50 to 75% of the movie? What is the purpose of doing that?! While were watching the movies the picture keeps bouncing around and shaking on the screen causing it to be uncomfortable and irritating to watch. I have a collection of almost 1000 movies and I have thrown in the trash can every movie no matter how popular it was because the director told the cameraman to keep shaking the camera during exciting action scenes.
What is the advantage of shaking the camera during filming? It's not for the viewer to enjoy the movie more, obviously. So, the only other reason left would be because the director or the writer prefers the camera to be shaken during filming for their own interests. Again, how is that an advantage even to those writers or directors?! Are the movie directors/writers so pompous and stubborn and bullheaded and self-centered and egotistical to the point where they aggravate if not torture the viewers trying to enjoy what the writer has written just to be different?
I have a great idea how to prove how worthless and ridiculous this shaking of the camera is to the viewer. Do a survey of people who watch movies and ask them what they think about the camera shaking so much. It becomes aggravating and so distracting it makes the movie viewing pleasure not pleasurable. But, not one single person in the movie making industry will attempt to do this. The reason they won't is because they are a know the answer and it's a waste of time meaning no one gives a damn and you can't stop what those jerk writers or directors are doing. And every time I go to the movie and the camera begins to shake too much I walked out demanding my money back and tell the manager of the movie theater why I was dissatisfied.
I'm hoping by bringing this up in a post it can somehow make it to the directors or writers who keep shaking the camera during the filming of their movies.

May 31, 2013

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