[Resolved] Movecorp / removal company

I booked a company called Movecorp Ltd to transport some items of furniture, including a brand new Weber BBQ Q3200 to our holiday apartment in Switzerland.

In the afternoon of 10th May 2018, two men arrived at my property in a Movecorp Ltd lorry, and packaged up the furniture and other small items, as well as the Weber Barbecue and cover which was under the lid. All items were listed on my customs inventory as well as my insurance inventory form. I watched them physically wheel it from my property onto their lorry parked on my drive.

When we arrived in Switzerland a week later, the Weber BBQ had not been delivered with the other items. We immediately rang the removal company, who denied any knowledge of the BBQ and insisted that it was not listed on the inventory that the men filled in on the day, and which they allege was handed to me and allegedly signed by me. I was not handed any document and did not sign anything. I have repeatedly asked them to send me a copy of the document showing my signature, but Movecorp Ltd have not done so, and are not replying to my telephone calls or emails.

I have a completed, detailed, and signed inventory including all prices and values of all items, and have taken out full insurance for the Weber BBQ and all other items on the inventory as well.

In addition to a crime of theft, this is also a crime of fraud, as I was not presented with any handwritten inventory on the day, and did not put my signature on any document. If this is so, my signature will have been forged.

In addition to to the theft of the BBQ, a dining room table which they dismantled for transport was damaged beyond repair, and the nuts and bolts to re-assemble it were nowhere to be found. We had paid for the service of having the table re-assembled upon delivery, but it was dumped in the basement parking garage under the apartments. The 3 sofas were also paid for to be delivered into the apartment, but these were also dumped and left overnight in the basement parking garage. The owner of the apartments informed us that the delivery men refused to deliver the furniture into the apartment, even though I had paid for a door to door delivery service, which included re-assembly, unpacking and removal of all cardboard and packaging.

  • Resolution statement

    Since posting the complaint I have been contacted by the director of the company, who was able to resolve the problem of the missing BBQ very swiftly by contacting their warehouse who confirmed they had a BBQ sitting there unlabelled, and the missing screws and bolts for the dining room table were with the BBQ. This is very good news. A lot of angst would have been avoided if the original staff members had taken the trouble to follow these same steps rather than deny emphatically that such a BBQ ever existed. I have been assured that the BBQ will be delivered to Switzerland, and also that the damage to the dining room table will be rectified.

May 31, 2018

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