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We hired Inter-movers in the US to move our items from the US to UK. We were unfortunately consigned to Movecorp to pick up our items from port and deliver them to our house. Our items arrived at port on September 1st. After chasing them for a month as to where our items were and when we would get them, (and also stressing that there were very important documents we needed - stupid mistake letting them know were were desperate), we finally received confirmation that Movecorp was in possession of our items. We were sent this email (which I see based on other reviews is standard for them):

###Your consignment has now cleared customs and is being unloaded into our depot on the 3rd of October 2017.
Unfortunately there is a port fee outstanding on the goods which total £425.00. The charge is due to a random customs inspection which has also resulted in the container incurring demurrage and quay rent whilst undergoing the inspection conducted on the container. The inspection is carried out based on a random selection process which I'm afraid, we have no control over. Kindly note that this charge must be paid prior to arranging your delivery.
Kindly note that if we do not hear back from you within 1 week from 3rd October you will begin to incur storage charges based on your overall volume.###

We immediately, and repeatedly, asked them for proof of the incurred charges. Our load was only 284 cubic feet, and we were sharing a container. the port fees and customs inspection charges are ONLINE, and their math simply did not add up. We have chased them for proof repeatedly and still do not have it. They sent me a random gobblygook document from Port Health claiming that was proof of the hold, it wasn't. But it did however have the container number on it. I called Felixstowe and spoke with 3 separate entities to confirm what I had been told by Movecorp. I discovered that our items were not at port as long as Movecorp claimed, and was able to get the amount of the "port fees" and the breakdown of fees for the entire container...among other pieces of information that proved to me that Movecorp has lied to us. For starters, Port Health didn't hold our stuff. The amount of "port fees" was not even close to what they charged us...unless of course we were paying for the entire contents of the container! Remember...we only had 284 cubic feet of a container! Not to mention, customs and destination port charges were included in my payment to Inter-movers. I have repeatedly emailed demanding a refund AND/OR proof that we owed this amount. Of course, we have received nothing useful. Although now that I have been reading other reviews, I see they're just copy and paste emails that are clearly frequently used to send out to upset customers. Thinking of the hundreds of people they have blackmailed/scammed/randsomed - it boggles my mind. I'm not one to sit down and take it, so please feel free to contact me if you want to join in a class action lawsuit. They picked the wrong people to scam.

Also. When the items arrived, I took a picture of the inside of the moving van. 80% of my boxes marked FRAGILE with arrows pointing up were either upside or sideways. Thank God I packed my boxes well. Since I have to put 1 star, the 1 star belongs to the gentlemen who delivered our stuff. They were actually super nice and put everything where it needed to be. They were spot on time, and quick on the job.


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    Update: After this review was posted, I received a called from one of the partners of Movecorp. I was finally given all the information (which I knew from other sources, but their customer rep wasn't giving me) and he heard me out. In the end we were able to come to a compromise on the issues at hand, and I was refunded some money. I still have issues with this situation: Our stuff landed on Aug 31st. Was stuck in customs because of someone elses stuff in the container had a customs paperwork issue. Released on from customs on Sept 19th, and then not picked up by Movecorp until September 28th. So literally none of it was my fault. I didn't receive a full refund, but I met them close to the middle. I appreciate the call, and the partial refund, but there is a serious issue with logistics that is going to hurt this company in the long run if it isn't sorted. Also, their customer rep couldn't help herself with the inappropriate emails trying to deflect information requests and who was at fault...when we both knew the truth. I hope that customer feedback will help their HR decisions. I've reorganize businesses for a living. This one could use an outside consultant. I would suggest this young lady find a new line of work. Lying to customers is never ok, let alone responding to them as she did. I personally wouldn't use this company again. But I do hope...that maybe they will learn something from this. ___________________________________________________________________

Oct 18, 2017
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      Nov 02, 2017

    It's interesting to see what other people have experienced with movecorp. We moved within the UK three years ago now. When we arrived at new house we were told that unless we paid another £500.00 are furniture would not be unloaded. We duly paid after having had a very long day and just wanting to get our furniture off lorry. These people were given a thorough breakdown of everything we had and quoted accordingly. When I saw the very small lorry they sent and also the state of it I remember thinking our stuff wouldn't all fit in there and indeed would it even get there at all. However I decided that the movecorp had obviously calculated everything and knew more than I did about moving furniture.. Not only did we have to pay the additional £500.00 but there pieces of furniture that were broken! A small buttonback nursing chair had a leg broken. Various pieces of very expensive pottery broken. Scratches, dents on other pieces. I was very stressed at the time and just glad to be in our new home, and realised that I would not be able to argue the point with this company. So decided to lose the £500.00. However the reason I am writing this is to highlight this companies behaviour and to notify other people so that they can make an informed choice. I for one will never use this company again. I have also read other people's reviews, which weren't available at the time. I feel very sorry for people who have moved internationally and had worse problems than me.

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