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Contracted Movecorp to ship my goods. They collected - slight hiccup on collection but I can let that slip. Got told goods would arrive end of November at destination port and would be cleared and sent to me. I purposefully booked a door to door service and paid extra for this so I wouldn't need to deal with customs officials.

At the beginning of December I contacted Movecorp to find out what the progress was and got told the shipment had arrived and I needed to call the customs agents(?), which I did. I got told i needed to pay some more cash. I checked with Movecorp that the additional payment was legitimate and they didn't know! After taking a week to check if it was legitimate, they confirmed it was, I paid the money to Movecorp. They took over a month to pay the customs agents with me chasing them practically daily. (At this point I've been living a month out of a suitcase - that's me, my wife, son & baby - 2 suitcases we brought with us was all we had!) I raised concerns about storage costs and was re-assured that I wouldn't have to pay any.

I chased them almost every day - often not receiving a response. Eventually, I got told I should receive our shipment before Easter (Dec - April - 4 months of almost daily emails and phone calls chasing them). I got given a date and time they would deliver, only to find out on the day that the goods hadn't even been cleared through customs yet!.

Documents I had already supplied were requested and needed to be couriered to the customs officials (at my expense). Finally the goods were cleared through customs but not after being declared abandoned (Ie: all the expensive stuff had been removed and whatever was left was just thrown back into the boxes!). Then i was told i needed to pay storage costs amounting to over $5000 USD. Seen as the shipment now only held items of sentimental value, this was way too much to pay. I chased them up religiously from December to July and don't feel i could have done any more to get things done faster but they would not back out of the storage charges and blamed me for the delays in getting the documents to the customs official. (I supplied the documents to Movecorp in November and they were confirmed received!). Its the end of August now, almost a year down the line, and we still aren't any closer to getting our stuff delivered and it would appear we never will get anything we shipped with Movecorp. They haven't taken any responsibility for their negligence and lack of knowledge on how international customs clearance works. They got their money, I lost everything! Don't be fooled by their affiliations at all, they can't make the company take responsibility for their errors. Steer clear of these guys, they are utterly useless!

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  • Kh
      Sep 05, 2011

    If this refers to movecorp based in the uk completely agree- complete and utter unprofessional outfit and a disgrace - they did not even complete my job after insisting on me paying double the price of the job because I had apparently given an incorrec info for the quote - after!! having done the packing and turning up a day late!!!

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  • Dg
      Dec 16, 2011

    I advise everybody to use an alternative move company, they have and continue to be very dishonest, misleading, disgrace, the list of errors and broken items, missing items, I would be here all day writing, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY complete incompetence in every singly way possible.

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  • Re
      Jan 28, 2012

    The comments above ring true of our experience using Movecorp for international door to door service. They have no knowledge of customs and quarantine, misquoted our volume and our goods took 3 weeks to depart the country!! They never knew where our goods were, and call themselves relocation coordinators... there is no coordination involved at all. This company is completely unprofessional and should really be shut down. Don't throw your money away, use another company.

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  • Mo
      Jun 23, 2012

    I had an equally terrible experience - I was scammed by Movecorp in April 2011. I selected Movecorp based on the cheapest quote. I pressed Movecorp staff about the accuracy of their estimation of volume, and even sent them an inventory (which they did not ask for like many other companies). Movecorp assured me "we've done this many times before and believe me it's accurate".
    1. Two poor Movecorp removalist staff ARRIVED at our hosue at the end of the day completely exhausted. The truck was overfull and they apparently still had another job to do before driving from London up to the Movecorp depot in Manchester. They were worried about blowing out tyres on the highway due to overloading, which apparently had happened to them before! They literally rammed the contents of our house into every nook and cranny of the truck. Not a good start and a sign of the problems to come.
    2. Movecorp sold me the service as involving blanket wrapping of all furniture to properly protect it. Apprently special wrapping would be used for our mattress. Nothing of ours was wrapped in any way or form! It was just shoved into the van.
    3. The inventory keeping was far inaccurate, we later realised due to our own digital camera records, and had to call Movecorp to make sure they were going to keep everything of ours together. We were given assurances. We also asked them to properly wrap our things in their warehouse, especially our expensive mattress.
    4. Here comes the worst part: Movecorp call to say they measured our consignment volume at the warehouse and it was to cost 30% more. Payment required by credit card immediately. I made a fuss but they said they would seize our goods (our entire household contents). We were ransomed, so we paid, no choice as we had arrived at our new house in France with no furniture, clothes, kitchen goods ect!
    5. Then our consignment was delayed. It wasn't sent on the shipping date we had agreed by telephone (before signing up) and we had to wait till the next month! Again, in our new house with nothing, so had to rebuy furniture! I tried to speak to various Movecorp staff, but did not care one bit. They were in fact tough as nails once they had our stuff and it's clear they had a lot of experience with angry customers.
    5. The shippment finall arrived. Again, at the end of the day, with inexperienced and totally exhauseted staff, who we had to help carry things in from the truck. Several items, including antique wooden furniture items were severely damaged. Our expensive mattress soiled and disformed. There you go. Completely ripped off by Movecorp.
    I used Team Allied/Pickfords the previous year to move from Holland to London. Incomparable. Onsite quoting, completely smooth polite serivce, 100% efficient and not one scratched item. It cost a bit more up front, but less in the end after all the additional costs involved in the Movecorp scam.
    Some googling shows several sites with high or 10/10 reviews. They are obviously fake reviews by Movecorp in an attempt to drown the real complaints on the internet. How evil is that!

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  • Br
      Mar 01, 2013

    We are still waiting on our boxes from uk to usa, we have been stung with an extra 200 pounds, as our boxes have magically gone from 20 cubic foot to 40 cubic foot. have asked for explanation of this, no reply. They also have at least 6 FAKE review websites which only give 5 stars for everything movecorp does. Professional criminals. I wish I knew who to contact to get them shut down

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  • Fa
      Oct 19, 2014

    Having just gone through a similar ordeal (even worse) I too would like this company closed down and held to account. Amazingly the Removal Ombudsman (a one woman affair) felt they were totally fulfilling their obligations!
    WHO can we turn to for protection from such unscrupulous companies?

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  • Ma
      Oct 31, 2014

    I contract Movecorp for an easy moving from Central London to Central Madrid, no furniture, just boxes. I was told it would arrive between 7 to 14 days. It took them a month to deliver them, I had to pay extra for another company to finally take my personal belongings to my address since Movecorp Uk refused to take them to my street. I received one box opened, the others in very bad state. I had to buy clothes to survive this whole month, I complainted and they didn´t give me any options or compensation.

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  • Ch
      Dec 02, 2016

    @MariaBG Very similar to my personal experience.
    Anyone thinking to move from the UK to Spain, avoid Movecorp like a pest!!!
    They have absolutely no knowledge of the areas they delivering to.
    As long as they have your money, they wash their hands of the rest.
    Worst Customer service ever, rude and clueless, blame you of their lack of profesionalism.
    They can't access your town with their enormous truck, no problem for them they take it back to the UK!!!
    You then have no choice than taking on the services of another local removal company at your own cost to finish up the job they were incapable to do (that you also paid for by the way).

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  • Fa
      Oct 31, 2014

    A totally dishonest, untrustworthy and unscrupulous company. I am taking them to court. I also hope to expose their malpractice publicly shaming them. They dishonour their trade.

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  • Ch
      Dec 02, 2016

    @Faith RUSSELL I also want to sue them, where to start?

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  • Ta
      Mar 28, 2015

    agree with all these complaints we were also ripped by them, took our stuff and then held us to ransom until we paid hundreds more. Modern day Pirates. they also seem to be publishing fake review sites to hide their bad name. Please, please do not use them, it's a horrible experience.

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  • Ha
      Jun 13, 2015

    Movecorp underquoted our move to New Zealand I believe to win the business. They also claimed they would build a shelf above my car in the container to add in more contents to ensure we got everything into one container as they quoted. They did not do this and then there was overflow into another container. They estimated this at an additional 900 pounds - I was stunned. They then actually billed us 2, 300 pounds and would not release the goods until payment. I believe they were deceptive. Our goods also arrived damaged, We have moved internationally 4 times and this is the first time I have used Movecorp. I would avoid Movecorp at all costs

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  • Sh
      May 17, 2016

    My daughter and I used Movecorp UK to move my household items from Keswick, Cumbria to Bellingham, Washington.
    There are no words to express the distress caused to me by them. The failed to arrive as scheduled, and did not let me know they would be arriving late. Martin, the foreman arrived with a man with lots of tattoos and missing teeth. They came in a small unmarked truck, Later, another man arrived with a second small unmarked truck. They did not pack as I had asked, The large majority of items had been carefully packed by me, in plastic tubs, suitcases and trunks. They came back a second day, again with the two unmarked trucks, Martin saying they needed to leave by two. I never, ever saw the shipping container we had paid for, until it arrived in the US. Upon opening at our residence, it was so loosely packed items and boxes had either fallen over or were falling on top of eachother, We took photos, of the massive unfilled space at the top of the container. When I eventually opened my boxes, I found items had been taken from the boxes, although the boxes had been numbered, to make it look as though suitcases and boxes had been accounted for. This was so upsetting to me, that I literally spent months being unable to sleep at night and vomiting during the day,
    Nobody from Movecorp Ltd ever called to ask how the move went, or if we were satisfied. I was unable to find a way to contact them in England. I have written to James Tennant who claims to be the Director of the company, and have just E-mailed again to voice my concerns. He does not even write to say he has received my E-mails. I would think it reasonable to believe that most companies would want to know when their employees had been stealing from customers. Something that sticks in my mind is that Martin the Foreman looked me straight in the eyes and said that I was the same size as his wife, how convenient, I expect she is the person now wearing my new clothes, which included about nine new suade jackets, my cosmetics, new underwear, suits and designer handbags. There were antiques that had been in my family for generations, things of sentimental value, because my relatives are now deceased. A Marie Antionette Clock worth well over 500.00 pounds UK, Chinese vases, that were priceless. As well as many other items.

    Why does Movecorp fail to respond to me and my daughter. It cost my life's savings to move my things, and this is what happened. I would not wish this on anyone, I feel sickened to the core of my being, as though I have been totally violated, and will never be able to trust anyone again. I would not wish what happened to me, to happen to my worst enemy. I was told to sign documents by Movecorps foreman, I did so under pressure, thinking that things would not arrive safely if I didn't. If only I had known I would never have used this company. Their website may show pictures of bright new trucks, but that is all it is, a picture, all I saw were two small unmarked trucks in England, yet we had paid for a full container! my experience. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, they DO NOT do background checks on their employees, and sad to say, neither have they any interest in Customer Service. All they are interested in is getting new business, having you sign up, and
    taking the customer's money. The Movecorp Ltd. Foreman told me it was his responsibility to advise me on what I should take to the USA and what not to. I have lived in the US for more than forty years, probably longer than he has been alive! I am totally aware of what I can use in the USA. He wanted me to leave power tools so that he and the workers could have them. When I asked what had happened to them, he got very defensive. I should have been even more suspicious, but I am an older woman who was dealing with a great deal of stress at the time, I thought they were there to help me, how wrong I was. They were obviously, there to help themselves, sending me upstairs to work on other packing, so that I could not see what they were up to. I wish I could say this company responded quickly to my concerns, but they have not. Judge for yourself!

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  • Fa
      May 17, 2016
    Best Best Advice

    None of this surprises me I`m afraid.
    After my disastrous experience of two years ago I have spent many hours working towards taking this rogue removal firm to court. They have tried every possible means to deter me but, at last I have a trial date. On June 6th it is my intention to expose MOVECORP and its criminal pattern of behavior in such a way that they will never submit any more people to the horrendous ordeal of putting their life`s belongings in the hands of such unscrupulous people.
    I would advise fellow victims to take courage and do the same. The firm already has at least one other court case go in favour of the customer (only last year0, so take heart and FIGHT.
    Faith RUSSELL (18th May 2016)

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  • Ma
      Jun 09, 2016

    Faith, what were the details of your experience? I'd love to know, because we too now have to litigate against Movecorp following the loss of all our belongings in a move from the UK to US. They can't tell us where our boxes are, and the company in the US said it never arrived in the container Movecorp said it would. Would love to get in touch...

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  • Fa
      Oct 04, 2016

    Happy to be in touch. In process of legal process against this scandalous company.

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  • Co
      Oct 10, 2016

    So I booked online one cubic metre to be collected from Spain to be delivered to Thailand. Estimated DOD October.
    Shipping was not collected as apparently the collection van sat outside collection address for 3 hours without calling her and only rang an hour after she'd left saying, 'We've been here hours, we can't wait now we'll have to collect next month.' I complained and said I'd prefer to cancel the whole booking, was told I would lose (I think 60% of the cost) obviously I wasn't willing to do this. They then gave me a new collection date and the van turned up two days before, thankfully there was someone home that time and the boxes were collected.
    I was then informed 3-4 weeks later I had exceeded 1cubic metre and would have to pay for an extra 5 cubic feet, and extra hundred pounds. I made that payment and now low and behold I cannot get a date when the shipping will leave the UK to arrive in Thailand. The company are quick enough to respond to emails when it is to secure payment but otherwise they don't reply. So I am still awaiting my package, I figured leaving this review may make someone at the company look into the matter as they appear to be dealing with other bad reviews


    Has anyone been successful in suing them and who would I make a formal complaint to?

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  • Fa
      Oct 11, 2016

    Yes they have !
    I know personally of someone who took them to court two years ago and won her case. I too have just done the same and have been awarded compensation. I could not afford legal aid and so had to represent myself. They hired a solicitor and a barrister and tried to intimidate me but, although I am an 80yr old pensioner I persevered. I will not leave it there. My aim is to expose this dishonest firm to the media and shame them so that they do no further harm. Dozens and dozens of people have suffered at the hands of this corrupt removal firm. It must be stopped.
    The method is the same - underquote the volume of goods to be moved; collect a few items then demand more money; repeat after another trip demanding even more money; lie about the condition of the goods on pick up to cover the damage they do in transit; hold the customer to ransom by refusing to release goods until further payment is made. It succeeds most of the time leaving unsuspecting clients bewildered, angry and upset.
    Few have the time, energy or courage to make a formal complaint of breach of contract and so Movecorp gets away with the scam yet again.
    I am willing to support you in any way I can.

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  • Ch
      Dec 02, 2016

    Yet another victim from MOVECorp.UK 
    All I have to say is do not use them!!! 
    Better off throwing your stuff in a ditch. 
    My family and I moved from South Africa to Spain. 
    The stuff, only 7 cubic meters, took only a month from SA to the UK 
    It took 4 monthes to leave the UK to get to Spain. 
    On delivery date, after I had paid for full delivery to the 4th floor, they come with a massive truck that could not possibly fit the streets of any town or village. 
    The Truck sits there half 1 KM  from my house and they expect me to come and unload with my car!!! 
    They blamed me for not telling them that the truck wouldn't fit, hello here you are the one who agreed in doing the removal the removal in the first place!!!They had the address for over 6 monthes and agreed into it. 
    I've had various removals done in the past at the same address without any problem as what any company does in bring the stuff to location in a smaller size truck. 
    Totally unprofessional. 
    Staff is rude and totally despotic. 
    They threatened to take the stuff back to the UK or unload at another location to another company and have them redeliver at my expense. 
    I didn't have the choice and had to pay again for something I had largely paid before. 
    As I am sitting here waiting for my stuff, I have already been told by the driver that some of my stuff is broken. 
    Will definitely check everything thoroughly as I don't think my issues with Movecorp have ended yet. 
    Do not think that this only happens to me, the driver told me it happens all the time, as you can imagime they come with massive international truck which can not take turns or any city street in general 
    Shame on you Move corp, total disgrace of a removal company. 

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  • An
      Jun 14, 2018

    Extremely poor service. Not only inexcusable delays due to poor vehicle fleet with no immediate replacements but also losing items (expensive and pretty big ones).

    A good idea is to insure all your items. They will apply the contract until its last consequence with no mercy or consideration for the client. So if you do not insure the items you might get 40 GBPs per item if so. In my case still nothing and still waiting for feedback.

    If lucky you will get an apology.

    Very fast by collecting your money, one of their clauses in the contract explains that they are not liable for delays (no matter the length of them or the cause of them) so the customer gets no guarantee on when the items will arrive. At all. Even on agreed dates when they do not show up they are still covered and will not give any of your money back.

    They will also challenge you by phone and argue.

    I hope that if you are reading this is not because you are already experiencing something similar. You can try also the removals ombudsman service. In my case and due to this kind of contract signed they could not do anything being the court the only possible mechanism to claim what is yours. And with no guarantee for winning it.

    Just think a little bit about the bad reviews you see online against the five star reviews and take your own decision. It is cheap for a reason.

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  • Es
      Jul 31, 2018

    Oh Dear … !!!

    Thank you very much for posting these comments. I am looking to move from France to UK - I shall NOT be using this lot of jockers. Their price was 3, 000 pounds (plus boxes & packing) compared to 6, 500 or more from their closes rivals.

    Phew that was close - thanks ! :-)

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  • Ge
      Aug 13, 2018

    I had an absolute nightmare with #Movecorp as well. Lots of false promises, overcharging, rudeness, mistakes for which they did not accept fault ("paperwork errors" apparently!).

    All this resulted in our things (including all our small son's toys) not leaving the UK for over 3 months.!!!

    I then contacted the managing director James Tennant #JamesTennant ([protected] to try to resolve.
    Luckily I have never before had the bad luck of speaking to such an unprofessional, pathetic excuse of a managing director of a service company. He was rude over and over again as well as continuing to lie ("your things will be loaded and on the ship within 7 days" took over a month after that comment!!!) and never proactively trying to resolve.

    Our conversations resulted in a proposal of 50% refund, but this was never followed through on and so was just another lie... I have all correspondence with them should anyone wish to see support.

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  • Ge
      Aug 13, 2018

    @George GB Yeah, George GB. Sadly I can relate to your experience also! I recently moved from the Midlands to Dubai so sort of knew the company and had heard the bad press about them recently, but as a local business I thought I would give them a go. What a mistake! They lost my stuff and then found it again (WTF!!?!?), then charged me extra for customs fees (which i later discovered was a scam on their part)...

    My things still haven't arrived and James Tennant seems to be a very unhelpful, slippery guy undeserving of his post of Managing Director.

    I also heard from a friend who used to work there that they are currently being investigated for tax fraud...sounds like James and Movecorp are quite naughty all round!!! I hope people come to this website before considering using Movecorp and post on their Facebook forums so others are aware of the risks using Movecorp.

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  • Ju
      May 16, 2019

    Yep same with us. Feel totally ripped off and deceived. Do not use this company!!!

    We moved from the UK to the US in early January and our shipping was collected in December. It took 5 months to receive our shipment, along with three additional payments that we had to make which were a complete surprise (tax, customs, extra volume) and I am sure, in hindsight, totally fabricated. We then received our belongings which were a bit battered and bruised and two of our wedding presents, a bench worth over £1000 and a lamp worth £500 completely broken. When I emailed Michelle to inform her she referred it to her boss, James Mallet who said they would give us £75 as a goodwill gesture! After calling James in disbelief he informed me as Move Corp didnt pack the lamp and also we referred to the bench as a "chair" on the insurance form it isn't valid. The attitude from the entire company is terrible. Please don't ever use this company as you will regret it like I have.

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