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On 06-11-2009; I signed a contract entering into agreement to hire a company named Move Improve Relocations for my move from Houston, TX to Neptune, NJ. The company packed and took my belongings on June 11th with an understanding and assurance that they deliver my furniture to my apartment in Neptune on June 18th. I was also told that my car will be picked up by the same company at my door in Houston and will be delivered on June 18th at my door in NJ. The company arrived 2 hours late for the move, and they didn’t pick up the car. We were told that they forgot we also had a car to be moved and we need to drive our car to their office 40 miles away. We met their demands, and met the “manager” at the weighting station 40 miles away from our home. We were told his name is Tom, which we found out later was false. They weighted our stuff with three people in the truck and the weight was over our estimated weight, at that point they demanded more money. They told us that when the truck was weighed earlier, it had the three people in it. Although I was told by the sales representative, David, that they will weigh the truck empty with no one in it. They took our car and we agreed on $3000.00 fee complete with taxes and the payment for the car. We paid $1500.00 on June 11th on the master card.
One week later, on June 18th, the agreed upon date for deliver, we had not heard from the company. On that date, I contacted the sales department, my numerous phone calls and emails were never returned. When I finally got in touch with David, our sales representative, he told me our furniture will be leaving Houston on that day, Friday the 19th, one day after the promised delivery. I was offered no explanations from the owner Tom or manager Rick. I was told to deal with it. The owner also used foul language, hung up on me a few times and threatened that I will sleep on the floor if I attempt to contact the office one more time or if I attempt to contact BBB. These conversations continued over the following week. The company never offered any explanation to why the delivery is late or to whereabouts of our shipment. The car was finally delivered on Monday June 22. I received a call from a different company telling me the car was in Jersey City, 2 hours drive from our Neptune apartment. When I attempted to contact Move Improve, they told me that that’s “sounds like it is my problem, ” and they will not try to solve it. I was met again with angry tones, threats, and foul language. At this point, I spoke with the car company, Roche Auto Transport, and they arranged for the driver to drive my car to the door. When the driver arrived at our apartment, he told me that I needed to pay $500.00 in check and drive him back to his trailer 30 miles away. I drove the driver back to his trailer and paid him with a check. At that point I was told by Move Improve Relocations and Roche Auto Company that Move Improve Relocations will take the $500.00 out of my remaining balance of $1500.00.
Our furniture was finally delivered on June 29th, 11 days after the promised date. The shipment was missing our king size bed part of a $5000.00 bedroom set purchased from Fingers Furniture 1.5 years earlier. I was told that it is still in storage in Houston and will be delivered with the next shipment leaving Houston that day. I was forced to pay in full with a Money order from a post office; otherwise they refuse to release my shipment, which I had no choice but to go along with. I was also charged $1700 as a remaining balance with no explanation for the extra charges. “It is what it is, deal with it, ” was what I was told every time. Our furniture was also damaged and we had lots of broken china. I was told by David to take a picture of the damaged shipment and email them to him. As I am writing this letter on August 7th, I have not been able to contact Move-Improve Relocations or the parent company Cross America, who has received our $1500.00 via master card either via phone or email. I contacted Texas Consumer Complaint Center at UH Law School, but every time they attempt to get some explanation of whereabouts of my bed, they and also I, receive the runabouts. The man in charge, Tom, gives us phony explanations which he contradicts himself two days later. I have not received my bed nor have I been contacted by the company via email or phone. At this moment, I believe that the company has lost my bed, and does not want to deal with our claim. I am putting in a formal complaint with you concerning both companies mentioned above. I am also requesting arbitration in the amount of $5000.00 for missing bed, damaged furniture, and china. I also like to get my bed back if the company can locate it. It is important for me to mention and for you to understand that I am not complaining about the late shipment. I am complaining about the way the company behaved towards me which I believe it to be cruel and unprofessional. I was also told so many lies, which have caused me to lose faith in every moving company there is. I am a professional and educated woman. I understand what my contract says and that things happen that cause delay in shipment. However, what I have trouble understanding is that Move Improve Relocations Owner and management failed to provide me with accurate information about the whereabouts of my belongings, even after they have been paid in full. I also believe that the company forcing me to pay only in cash or Money order specifically from the post office and not delivering my bed was done with a sole purpose of keeping me from making formal complaint against them. I find this extremely unprofessional, and will be disappointed if their actions go unnoticed from your association. I have also had to stay home from work 10 days more than planned time, to meet the movers. Therefore, I have lost even more money in lost wages.

Do Not Hire these companies... they had never given us a straight answer regarding the whereabouts of our shipment... or missing items... or even why the delivery was late... no answer, not even excuses... just "deal with it, " it will get there, when it gets there." Everyone who answers the phone yells and introduces themselves as the owner... EVEN AFTER THEY GOT PAID IN FULL...

Move Improve Relocations / Cross America Relocations / Texas Home Movers

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  • Kp
      21st of Feb, 2010
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    I totally agree!!! The same exact thing happened to me when I used Texas Home Movers. My freight was suppose to be delivered on October 17, 2009. I did not receive the freight until December 26, 2009. To date, I still have missing items that have yet to be recovered.

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