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This company moved us in June. From Coral Springs to Parkland, a total of 2 miles. They insisted on shoving a huge custom made dinging room table through the doors without removing legs. They left large cashes in table top completely destroying it. READ the fine print in their contract if you use them! Take extra insurance...we didn't! WHY? They never offered it! They pay 60 cents a pound for damaged items. And thats not the worst of it, they come up with random weight for items that are damaged. They decided they would pay us $36 for a $7000 table! They decided that our table that weighs more than 400 pounds...weighs 60 pounds! They refuse to send anyone to ### the damage. And although we didn't MOVE for LESS we ended up being screwed in the end and now have to hire a lawyer! Call a reputable company not these people! Just trying to find a way to publish photos of the damaged table all over the internet, proof!!!

We hired Move For Less to move us on June 10th from Coral Springs to Parkland. It is approximately 2 miles. We were never offered any additional insurance. We were just told in their opening statement phone call "we are a completely insured moving company" The 3 movers were shoving our very heavy dining room table through the door with out removing the legs. When questioned they said they could not remove the legs. We moved our table from Europe where it was custom made and the legs were removed on departure and arrival. They assured me that all was fine. I received a call from our 16 year old daughter telling me that they ruined our table. She was on the other end and saw when they moved it into our new home. I returned home shortly after and prior to going inside I was confronted by one of the movers. He wanted me to know that unfortunately the credit card machine was not working so all they could except was cash. This was requested of course because they knew I might stop payment on a credit card! I told him that I would have to wait till the end of the move. I was in total shock when I saw our table. It had large gashes on the top and legs and was completely ruined. I asked what happened and he said it was to big to fit through the door. I told him that the legs were to be taken off and all he could say at this point was he was sorry. I called the office and filed the complaint and was assured that the insurance that they carried would cover any and all damages. I was also told that they could except only visa debit card for payment. At this point I should have said that I refused to pay but the office made me feel confident that it would be taken care of. I correspond with the claims office and waited almost 2 months for their written offer to fix our table. They offered us $36.00! They calculate it by 60 cents a pound-and confirm that our table weighs 60 pounds. The 60 cents a pound is totally unfair when you are assured that you are completely covered for damages. But the most ridiculous part is that our table weighs closer to 400 pounds, perhaps more. They refuse to send anyone to weigh it, examine it, look at it or ### it in any way. Whey asked how they come up with a weight of 60 pounds they don't have an answer.

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