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I used Move Canada Van Lines Limited to move my personal belongings from Toronto to Calgary. They cam eto pick up my stuff on time and got paid.

They were supposed to take my stuff to Calgary and store in in Clagry and with one week notice I can retrieve my stuff from storage.

This never happen. Gus the wner did not sent my stuff to Clagary, he stored it in Toronto for a month then transported it in Calagry.

I called several times from Calgary to enquire about when I am going to get my belogings the answers were as follows:
- your stuff has not yet left
- the van will leave next week
- the van will leave next week
- the van will leave tomorrow
- the truck is on its way and i have no spoken to my driver

Loads of lies, gus is the owner and driver and he never tell me the trusth. He even puts the phone down on me several time as if he was the victime of the situation.

My stuff arrived a month late with no apology from him. What i got isntead is that I should come and pick up my stuff off McLeod Trail. i have no car, so he suggested Itake a taxi and pay the taxi to get my stuff to my apartment. This was ridiculous from a company who offers a door to door service.

This type of company should have their licence revoked and should not be in business.


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  • Sv
      Jan 23, 2010

    We do not know your name - or have any name of this sort in our files. Why don't you post your name so we can try to match it in our files.

    If you have a complaint, please send your concerns to our office.

    Furthermore we never had any dealings of this sort with anyone.

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  • Sv
      May 06, 2011

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: gtopski
    To: dina.[protected]
    Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2007 3:30 AM
    Subject: Thank You & Happy New Year

    Hi Gus;
    I hope you had a good Christmas, and we would like to wish you and your family a Very Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Years. We are still slowly getting set up in our new home, going to take lots of time to get things all sorted out but that was all expected.

    We wanted to email you to thank you again for all the good work you did with us with our move across Canada in early November. We continue to tell everyone and anyone how impressed and how well our move went with our mover; that would be you and your helpers. I have done many moves, and have heard many stories, but never have I heard of anyone doing a long distance move, and not having one item scratched, dented, broken nor missing.

    We were totally impressed with your service from the first day. When you and just one helper showed up, I was a tad concerned, but that quickly changed during the first day when you packed our house up and wrapped everything in moving blankets. Also blankets were carefully placed throughout the house, to protect floors and railings. You never left on scratch behind in our old house. Then you and one man took the following 2 days to completely fill your truck with approximately 20, 000 pounds of household goods. All were packed carefully as you wanted, which obviously had lots to do with our items arriving all in the same condition as when you wrapped them on the first day.

    The drive across Canada was beautiful and uneventful, which was all we could ask for. The winter weather did not arrive too early for us, which was fortunate.

    We then met at our new home as planned with you and your crew, and proceeded to unload the complete load in one day. Your crew during unloading were great guys, courteous and willing to ensure items were put in the rooms we needed. I was very impressed you managed to manoeuvre that big rig of yours into our tight, L-shaped driveway in the country side where our new home is.

    For us this move was a big move indeed, lots of work which we are still doing. We have to say, the actual moving part, and dealing with your movers was one of the smooth parts of our move. We would like to thank you very much for all your effort. We will continue to spread the word when ever we hear of moves happening, or people ask us about our move.

    Feel free to use this email in any way you wish, and feel free to use us as a reference for you any time. I hope we never have to make a big move like that for many years to come, but if we ever have to; you can be sure we will be in contact with you again. If you are ever up in this area with time to pass, be sure to give us a call.

    Best Regards, and all the best to you in 2008!

    Gary & Monique Topolinski

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