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Mountaineer Motel / Bad service

1 4665 Five Chop RoadCameron, SC, United States

I stopped at this place on Friday at around 11:30pm. I should have known it was going to be a dump when I went in the office and it smelled of smoke and the owner was laying on the sofa smoking and watching TV. I paid for one night ($41) and stayed in room #1. The owner did not give me a key but opened the door for me and kept the key. If I would have had to leave, I couldn't have locked the door. I went inside and the room was awful. I was too tired to go another mile so I had to endure it. It smelled like urine and smoke. The floor had not been cleaned. The TV was covered in nicotine, as was the AC. Oh and the only channel the TV picked up was a porn channel. The bedspread smelled and needed cleaning. I'm assuming the sheets on the bed were clean, that was the only thing. There was paper coming out of the AC vent in the ceiling. The trim around the door was ripped off and the doors themselves had holes in them. The bathroom had a hole in the ceiling. The commode and the shower and the shower curtain hadn't been cleaned in some time. The shower curtain was molded and dirty. The shower had trash in it. There were bugs crawling in the shower as well. Slugs were attempting to come up through the shower drain. I left a light on in the bathroom because I was afraid something would crawl on me. There was something, I don't know if it was a rat or roaches, that kept scurrying around during the night. I have never in my entire life stayed at someplace this dirty. I don't know how they are able to stay in business. Like I said, I was too tired to travel any further but I wish I would have just stopped by the side of the road and slept in my car. There is no excuse for the unsanitary conditions of this place. I'd like a refund but I know that won't be happening.


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