Mountain View Rottweilersgenetic deformity

Called the breeder at Mountain View Rottweilers in Bentonville, AR to see if he had a male pup available. Breeder said yes and went over all the information pertaining to the pup. drove up and looked at where the dogs are kept. Brought our little boy home. Took to the vet and during getting his vaccines we were informed we'd need a referral to a bet that specialized in dental procedures. Our pup has a severe overbite we didn't catch while at the breeders place. We're out hundreds of dollars on one procedure to extract the puppy teeth which were causing painful ulcers in the hard palate. We're still facing a second procedure when the adult teeth come in. Vets say this is overbite deformity is caused by a recessive gene in one and/or both parents. breeder refuses to reimburse even a portion as he says it's not his dogs, not genetic and that it's just a fluke.

Mountain View Rottweilers

Feb 11, 2015

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