Motorvation / Horrible service

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I bought a 2008 Saturn Vue a couple of months ago. I test drove it on normal city roads (not the highway like I should have). The next few days I drove it and I noticed the breaks were studdering. I took it on the highway and noticed that it would not accelerate properly. I would try to accelerate and it would stay at the same speed and then suddenly rev up as if I were flooring it. It also did this while in cruise control. It even did the same thing when my husband drove it. I took it in to the service dept and they adjusted the rotors on the breaks and then proceeded to tell me that it was normal for Saturn Vues to drive that way because they have a CVT transmission. I'm sorry but that is not normal! We took it home and it still kept doing it every time we took it on the highway. I took it in again and explained to them that it is still happening and they need to test drive it on the highway to see what I'm talking about. I left it with them for an entire week while I was out of town. Never got one phone call from them giving me an update on my car or to even tell me it was ready. When I picked it up they told me nothing was wrong with it and that one of the service men took it home over night 100 miles away!!! I never told them to take a road trip with it! Needless to say I had a full tank of gas when I left it there and they left me with less than a half tank and the issue is still not fixed. Awful service. I will NEVER recommend them to anyone. I feel like I've been scammed. This was the first time I've ever bought a used car. We spoke with the owner and he agreed to let us trade the vehicle for a different one. We ended up trading it out for a 2009 Dodge Journey. Prior to the purchase, I asked if it had keyless entry because I noticed there was no fob. The salesman, Mark, tells me that he would order the fob and it would be no problem. There was also damage to the carpet that they planned on repairing for us. Not even a week later the brakes were squealing and my tire gauge light came on. They repaired the brakes. The valve stem on one of my tires was broken. They had to order a new valve stem, that was on back order. After 3 weeks of us calling about the keyless entry, they finally leave a message telling us that the car is not equipped with it!! Had I known that, I would have never bought the vehicle in the first place. After finally fixing my carpet, I went to pick up the car and noticed a gash on the passenger side door (that was not there when I dropped the car off). We spoke with the owner once again and he said they would add the keyless entry when they fix the gash and valve stem. All of the problems were fixed but, the customer service we received the entire time was just plain awful. I really don't know how they stay in business! I will NEVER recommend this dealership to anyone shopping for cars.

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