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This is to bring to your notice that there is a company called Motormint, manufacturer and distributer of vintage cars, die cast collectibles etc ( who is doing business unscrupulously and consumers are warned not to be driven by their lucrative advertisements in the media (television / supplementary) etc. I am a victim and trying to find a way to fight back with the organization. It all started during my visit to Bismarck ND during the month of May 08. After seeing motormint advertisement in the television, stating you can order over phone a vintage miniature model of FORD 1950 truck for 10$, they will provide one more model free of cost. I immediately called up the ph no give on the screen and booked my order through my credit card. The order was delivered in about two weeks and subsequently when I received by credit card statement, it reflects over 20 $ debit in my account against the above order. Anyway I ignored the additional charges and forgot about it. Then after every month till date I am getting a similar amount debit in my credit card account and when I checked with my banker about these debits, they say that I have given standing instruction to the merchant to debit my account. Now I don’t know what is the way out except closing my 5 year old relationship with the banker by discontinue the above credit card. I am a non US citizen and not I am not familiar with the law of this land. Can someone please guide me on what are my options.



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