I would like to inform potential customers of the dealer MOTORLAND AMERICA in Biddeford, ME sell on December 2014 a MGA 1958 to $ 19, 500 at: http: //
I am in France and I negotiated this car for a month. They asked that the car be inspected by a friend of them and not a officel Inspector I wanted to send.
On signing the sales contract that I had prepared with the car description and photos, MOTORLAND admit that the previous owner had left the car outside during a hail storm and it costs $ 14, 000 to repair the dents and repainted. They showed me the dents at that time and they were not at all visible in the photos they had sent me (and are on web site) that were taken at an angle that does not show the dents. I have stopped on this transaction.
This car has a value of $10, 000 and MOTORLAND trying to sell it for $ 20, 000. If you see a video of MOTORLAND on a Cadillac, you will see a big dent on the rear bumper and dents on the bottom right roker panel. Guys of MOTORLAND ignore dents and rust on the collections cars if the mechanical works well is the principal. I think they should rather sell tractors and industrial vehicles, which they do also ...
My advice: If you are looking for a classic car do not stop you from MOTORLAND AMERICA ...


Jan 07, 2015

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