Motorholme Cambridgemotorcaravan hire september 2018

This Company should be avoided at all cost.
On the run up to the hire date I became increasingly apprehensive. I was bombarded with emails drawing my attention to mandatory additional charges that must be paid before taking possession of the vehicle. This was to be not earlier than 3.00pm on the first day of hire, unless I paid an additional premium. Even RAC breakdown cover was at additional cost! None of this was disclosed in the original hire agreement.
We did however continue with the hire of one of their Motorcaravans commencing 2nd.September for a month. The vehicle was 4 years old, had covered 52, 000 hard miles, was well worn and shabby. The fridge never worked properly and an inoperative handbrake had to be attended to, with no help forthcoming from the hirer.
We returned the vehicle to them on 2nd October, as requested by 10.00am. (Note 2 days of holiday hire effectively lost).
At all times I was extremely vigilant, and fully compliant with their contractual terms and conditions. Since the hire I have received confirmation in writing from Motorholme that I incurred no vehicle damage or motor offence penalties and they were going to refund me £1250 security deposit £250 and £1000 bond in lieu of collision damage waiver insurance. Their E mail to me dated 9th October from their accounts department stated as such.
Under their own terms this should have been paid back into my Credit Card Account 28 days after return of the vehicle.
At the time of writing 5th December Motorholme continue to hold my money, citing inexplicable delays with "the merchant". They do not reply to emails, do not answer telephone messages, and do not action "live chat" dialogues. The telephone number listed in their Web site phone number [protected] returns "no longer in service" . [protected] option one is for new bookings, but option three is continuously busy and calls are never returned).
I now find the Internet awash with complaints about this company and they have been investigated by MSE Martin Lewis and the Guardian newspaper. However Motor Holme and a whole group of their "clone" companies are live and still aggressively trading.
Thankfully my deposit monies were paid by credit card. The conduct of my bank has been exemplary and fully supportive. They thanked me for keeping meticulous records and photos to support our case for recovery of funds. They have taken the financial loss refunding me in full, pending a section 75 investigation into Motorholme's dubious business practices. Evidence has also been passed to Cambridge trading standards of this companies nefarious practices. I am bemused at the positive ratings given to this company on this site. It can only put it down to bribery with vouchers and discounted repeat hire rates. Post hire this company have continued to pester me with eMails and text messages trying to coerce me into rolling this considerable deposit money forward into another hire, specifically next July!

Dec 05, 2018

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