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My husband and I went back to this motel this year because 25 years ago this is where we stayed for our 3rd Wedding Anivarsary and what a mistake it was this time.

After going online we decided to book what they call their Jr. Presidential Suite, the room looked beautiful in the pictures, four post bed, beautiful decor and a huge two person Hot Tub right in the room and it cost $119.99 per night (not bad for such a nice looking room) so we booked for 3 nights. Once we arrived at the motel we were greeted by a young lady behind the counter whom seemed like she really didn't want to be there that day but went about her job and checked us in the only problem was she checked us into the wrong room (Same amount of money per night).

The room was # 205 and here is what is wrong with that room.


Shortly after the lobby cleared out after a bus tour check-in my husband and I went downstairs to the lobby with our laptop in hand to show the person on the front desk that the room she put us in is not the room we booked and we wanted to know why, and this is when we found out that because the room we had booked was right below where the roofers were working the hotel decided to change our room with out telling us. But since we had caught them in the room switch they decided to give us the room we had booked and told us then that we might be disturbed by the roofers (that didn't happen) at that time we told her about all of the problems in room # 205 (Noted Above).

She then took us up to the third floor to room # 301 this was the room we had booked on-line and it was just like the pictures so we packed up our stuff and changed rooms. As we are looking around the room I pull back the curtians to see the view of the Falls and what do I see but a huge crack in the patio door glass right beside the bed (very dangerous) so when I returned the keys to the front desk for room 205 I told the girl and she said that she would tell the manager in the morning. So I went back to our room to finish unpacking for our 3 day stay, just as I step in the door my husband says you won't beleive this but the toilet handle is broken and it sticks open when you flush it and this fieplace does not put out any heat either. All I could say at that moment was I'M NOT THE LEAST BIT SURPRISED but wait everybody it doesn't stop here there's more.

We find out that the Resturant is not open through the week due to renovations.

So NO dining or room service available in the hotel as listed on their website.

WIFI so spotty could hardly get a connection anywhere in the room.

Pay Per View Movies not available due to Provider Change.

They say 57 channels available on cable, we got 15.

2 Vending Machines in entire motel both empty, No Pop or Juice

So for all the trouble this is what they did for us.

They did not charge us the $10.00 per day parking charge and offered us a voucher for a FREE BREAKFAST FOR 2 for Saturday morning when the resturant was 1/2 open to guests a $ 8.99 per person value

Needless to say all we wanted to do was leave this hotel as fast as we could and we never did see or hear from the MANAGER of the hotel about any of our concerns.

So bookers beware, only stay at brand name hotel like Sheraton or Marriott at least there you get what you expect and pay for.

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      22nd of Jun, 2011
    Motel - Negligent Mgmt. causing injury
    I-97 Exit 107
    North Carolina
    United States
    Phone: 919 284-1000

    Mgmt had car curbs painting job begin before guests left motel in a.m. No notice was given and there were no signs posted, no orange cones, no yellow tape to indicate this was happening. Worker had put some kind of paint remover on curbs making them so slippery (like thick butter). I left breakfast area and was on way to my room when I stepped on one and fell on my face injuring my nose, forehead, knees, arms, hands, etc. I am a 75 year-old heart patient on coumadin and could have bled to death. I had cuts, abrasions and bruises with internal bleeding from the wounds. The day manager showed no compassion and said it was my fault for stepping on the curbs. Claimed the yellow indicated people were prohibited from stepping on the car curbs. I pointed out that yellow means "caution" only and not "no stepping." It was a very dangerous and hazardous condition and they should be sued for what happened. Apparently, they were using an individual instead of a professional. Apparently, the poor kid who was doing the work did not know better and was given no instruction. My wife had to go into the office to ask for something to put on my wounds and the lady at the desk gave her a bottle of betadine and 2 small band-aids. Fortunately, my wife had large band-aids back at the room and, after I was able to take a shower and clean both the wounds and wash off all the yellow paint that was all over me, my wife used antibiotic ointment which she had and the large band-aids and the 2 smaller ones. The day manager was not one bit interested in my welfare; in fact, he was extremely defensive and said it was my fault for stepping on the "no-step" car curb. I didn't even see the kid who was painting a curb next to where I was until after I slammed into the pavement. Fortunately, I'm a lifelong athlete in good physical condition except for the heart problems or I would have broken bones and more extensive injuries. That day manager should be severely reprimanded and the motel owner should train his staff to handle their clientele in a compassionate manner when injuries occur due to severe negligence on the part of the management of the motel. This could have been a disaster for most people. If the "day manager" is the owner of the motel, EconoLodge should forbid the use of their name. This was a very serious incident and I should and may still file a lawsuit. Both my wife and I were extremely upset and our welfare and feelings would have been considered by most other people. This fellow was nasty and only interested in defending himself. I can't express how upset by this incident and the subsequent behavior that I am and my wife is equally upset and very angry.

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  • Id
      22nd of Apr, 2012

    It's a shame that these small things affected your anniversary stay. A view of the falls sounds lovely though even with a crack. Were there any local restaurants to eat? I like to get out of the hotel and try the local flavors. perhaps you should have researched the local places people eat and drink. I'm sorry you don't enjoy simple things in life and don't go with the flow...things happen.

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