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Motel 6 / outrage

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Donation plea: mr judson, manager of this seaside oregon motel 6, is suing my wife and me for $100, 000! He is suing me! How outrageous is that? He kicks us out for no reason, we complain, and he sues us - is the world going nuts or what? Anyway, my wife and I are disabled, retired, on a fixed income and attorney fees are driving us into bankruptcy; if you could see your way clear to help us, it would be very much appreciated. Send your donation to dick colbeth, p. O. Box 821201, vancouver, wa 98682. Thank you and god bless.

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  • Ca
      1st of Oct, 2007

    Would you kindly post an additional comment with your civil suit number, the court name, address and the phone number of the court clerk along with your attorney's name, phone number and address so your plight can be verified. Sorry, my family has had problems in Seaside while visiting also. (not at this Motel).

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  • Pe
      17th of Nov, 2007

    U are a scamming piece of ### if u cant come up with all of that info. you are just a crack head who cant get money on his own so you have to go on a scam protection website and try to scam. SO IF THIS GUY DOESN'T COME UP WITH PROOF DON'T ANYONE SEND HIM ###... DON'T TRUST ANYONE EVEN ON THIS WEBSITE... NONE IS VERIFIED ANYONE CAN POST SCAMS!

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  • Ri
      3rd of Apr, 2008

    Legal Notice: I fully retract and withdraw all of my previous postings on this site concerning Motel 6, ACCOR, and Manager Lee Judson.

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  • Ri
      8th of Apr, 2008

    December 26, 2006

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Colbeth,

    It is with pleasure that I respond to the comment card you left for our review at the Comfort Inn in Tumwater and to your specific request to be rated as a guest. I have given this request a lot of thought, and since you were obviously serious about being rated as a guest, I want to give your request - as unusual as it is - the proper attention it deserves.

    If I had to rate guests I would consider the following categories: 1. How did you treat our staff?2. How did you treat our premises and amenities?3. How did you conduct yourself while checked in? These are the three basic categories to consider. On our scale from 1 - 4, with 1 being excellent, 2 - good, 3 - fair, and 4 - poor, I would have to rate you excellent in all categories. You were courteous to our staff and pleasant to deal with. The credit card you presented for payment authorized on the first try and did not decline, which contributed to a smooth and efficient check in. As a guest in our hotel, you treated our premises with care and consideration - you didn't smoke in your non-smoking room, you didn't disturb other guests with loud music, TV, loud conversations or even arguments. You didn't break anything, nor did you excessively soil our linen or towels. In the morning you had your breakfast during our posted breakfast hours, not 45 minutes after breakfast closed and the breakfast area has been cleaned. Above all, you surprised our staff with your genuine concern about how you might be perceived by us.

    I hope you find this rating helpful. We do not expect our guests to rate "excellent" all the time. We appreciate guests who show kindness and courtesy, who do not hold our staff responsible for things that go wrong that were beyond our control, such as the loss of cable TV during the recent power outage. I see all sorts of guests come and go. About 5% rate excellent, 55% rate good, 25% rate fair, 15% rate poor. The 5% who rate excellent keep us going every day. They make up for the 15% who rated poor and instill in us a genuine wish to treat others with courtesy, kindness and respect. My staff and I want to thank you for being one of the 5% who rated excellent. Your kindness is much appreciated and will be remembered for a long time.

    Best Regards, Monika FitzGibbonComfort Inn & Conference Center1620 74th Ave SW Tumwater, Wa 98501phone: 360/352-0691fax: 360/352-0871

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  • Cb
      28th of Apr, 2018


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