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Se Dec 17, 2018 Review updated:

I have 6 children under the age of 16. Most motel6's have been understanding and have rented is a room anyways but the one in Childress Texas tonight would not. We were turned away with 6 kids and are now sleeping in the vehicle because motel 6 policy's are apparently anti large family's. I would rather sleep on the floor and sleep 3 girls to one bed and 3 boys to the other then sleeping them out here in 30 degree weather in the middle of winter but I can't afford anything more then a motel 6. Y'alls prices are just right for a family trying to stay off assistance but the 4 kid policy just sucks. So we have no beds or bathrooms and no heaters for tonight. 😕

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  • Om
      Dec 18, 2018

    They have rules regarding maximum occupancy. It is for your safety and for the safety and of your children, as well as for the peace and comfort of other guests. While I am sure your children are angels, what about the next person who brings in 6 kids, all of whom are up running around (which, by the way, can be heard in the room below you most of the time) or running in and out of the room for ice, snacks etc. doors slamming, tv up loud. You cannot blame them for you sleeping in a car. That's not their fault.

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  •   May 05, 2019

    You could try closing your legs.

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