Mosquito Magnet Pro / I purchased a Mosquito Magnet Pro in 2003 for $1,200 with a two year warranty. First, when it does work...

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I purchased a Mosquito Magnet Pro in 2003 for $1, 200 with a two year warranty.

First, when it does work, it does a terrific job in catching mosquitoes. However, it constantly breaks down, and you must wait weeks for replacements and those waits eat into your warranty period. In the first 1.5 years I had to return the machine and get a replacement 3 times. This 4th machine would not work from the first day I got it.

This 1.5 years represents use only from April through September, because it is stored the rest of the year.

When the 4th machine would not work at all I decided to upgrade to a newer version for $600 even though I had 6 months left on the warranty of the original machine.

The new machine had to soon be replaced with the usual wait. I called to inquire about this wait and was told it was on back order. It finally arrived. The replacement soon had to be replaced, at which time I complained about the usual long wait for each replacement. The agent said if I gave my credit card number as security, one would be shipped out right away.

I gave my credit card number to ensure he would receive my broken one and received a shipping label via email. The shipping label was good for 10 days. This was on September 28. After 8 days of waiting I called and was told the machine was in transit and should arrive shortly.

Today, October 12, I called again and was told American Biophysics was waiting for the broken one before a replacement was sent. I said I left my credit card number to ensure they would receive it.

The theory is that if I do not return the broken one they will charge me for the replacement. The agent then said the replacement is on back order. I complained that I left my credit card number for immediate shipment and my shipping label had expired. He replied that I have to use the label within l0 days. That is hard to do when I have not received the machine even after 15 days.

The agent said he would see that one got shipped soon.

I know from past experience this replacement will break soon after I get it, and I will have to eat weeks from my warranty before getting another replacement.

The above process will continue until the warranty expires at which time I will have to trash it, because no rational person will continue to pay to keep shipping it plus pay for repair.

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