mortgages with ASC / HAMP

1 United States

For all of you experiencing the same nightmare we have with ASC home modification or refinance programs, there is hope. Jim and I have been fighting this nightmare for over 1 1/2 years. Finally I got on the internet and researched government intaties that could find help with this insanity. By the grace of God I foundd one. For anyone having trouble with ASC please email william.[protected] We emailed them on a Friday and received a response email that day. Also received a follow up email on Monday stating he had sent a email to ASC. On Tuesday we received a phone call from ASC saying this matter must be resolved immediately. They not only offered us a modification but a refinanace lowering our adj rate from 9.9 to a fixed 5.1 ASC is going to send the refinance info via email and sas soon as we get the email from them I will post that email on here also.
I really hope this helps to wake you up from the nightmares you are in also.


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