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I have had our mtg since 2007.I made 2 payments to them and they applied to the END of the loan.We then find out(only by looking at my credit)that it was showing us past due?I called, and they never could tell me why?Finally after talking to 6 ppl, I am told they applied to the end of the loan and it couldnt be reversed and untill we could make the extra pmt we would be behind!They tell me they are also charging$10 per day for a late fee?They say there's nothing we can do but pay it.Our daughter passed a few weeks later.I call the who says we can get the "home saves advance"to catch up all late fees/missed pmts.We were sent all paperwork saying we were approved&I sign and send back.We were told to keep mailing our pmts as normal.We did this but everytime was told"oh we didnt get your pmt", "oh we havent got it" even though it was mailed 3 weeks before!?!?We find out per loss and litigations(per Linda)that the checks were there and just hadnt been applied?She said she did this for us and the homesaver should kick in soon and we will show current.I notice in October its still showing late on my credit report?I call and they are saying we were now"having the homesaver advance pulled"that the program"was retired"so now we have to"catch up"on 4 pmts(which is what was supposed to be rolled into the home save advance)PLUS late fees for 4 months that we were charged!?!?AT no fault of our own.SO NOW Because of PHH my credit took 4 hits showing late, plus we have 4 pmts to make, as well as late fees for 4 months time!We have spoke with people named Linda and Alex in loss and litigation who said we were "fine".I want this off my credit as this isnt OUR FAULT we got APPROVED PAPERWORK, then was told "oh it was retired"so we pulled it from your acct?How can we get approved in July, but then pulled in october? My hubby is military and has been for 10 years now.We will be moving soon and thanks to PHH it now looks like we were about to "lose' our home, which isn't true!!NOW, we are messed on getting a new home with my name on it as well as any other loans!THANKS PHH for messing over myself and my family!


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