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Mortgage refinance / Mortgage Refinance

1 MI, United States

My mom refinanced her house and credit cards with Wells Fargo last summer. All of it went smoothly except the attempt to pay off American Express. The Amex account was in collections with NCO. Amex and NCO both refused to provide documentation of the amount owed. Each said the other would have to provide it. They would not talk to Wells Fargo at all. Wells Fargo did cut a check made out to Amex, for an amount they pulled from her credit report. Unfortunately it was for $3000 more than she still owed. My mom told WF she didn't want to send this check to Amex, because she knew from experience it would take months to get back any overpayment from Amex. The original case manager at WF, who is no longer there, told my mother that once they got the correct documented amount, they'd cut a new $3000 check for Amex, and a $3000 check to my mother for the excess. WF of course has been charging her interest on the whole, non-dispersed amount of $6000 since last July.

My mother tried for six months to get a settlement amount from Amex. They replied that it was still "in review" and that they could do nothing about it. Finally, Amex sent her a settlement letter. She immediately took it to the Wells Fargo office here in Michigan.

After 2 weeks went by without any word from WF, she called WF to inquire on the progress with the checks. The woman said they hadn't decided what to do about it, though they'd previously promised her the two checks. She very rudely told my Mom that WF had to decide what was "in their best interests" to do about her request. Mom angrily hung up on her. It's now been a month with no response. Obviously, they are in no hurry to part with money that they've been making interest on for 7 months. They either need to give my Mom the 2 checks as promised, or re-negotiate the loan minus the non-dispersed money, and repay her all the interest they've charged.

My mom tried to get the office manager to call her and can get no response. What can we do?


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