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Our adjustable rate mortgage adjusted from 7.25% to 10%. We received a call from Jacob Kim of Alliance capital finance, stating that he could help us get our loan modified. Jacob told us that he represented the Arase Law firm and they could help us, for a fee of $3, 400.00. We told him that this was a large amount and that we could not afford to pay this. Jacob told us that we could make two payments from our credit card, one now to get them started and the other later.

After authorizing the first payment we received a call back from Jacob stating that we need the full amount so that Arase could have us modified in 30 days. I told him that this money was part of our mortgage. he said that they would modify us quicker if we were a few payments behind. We sent the full $3, 400.00. We were desperate for legal advice and help because our mortgage company had turned us down once.

We received the contract, signed it and paid the fee up front in full because it would get our loan modified faster. We were told not to worry because we would not lose our home. We requested that the attorney help us to lower our rate and our monthly payments through the lender. We sent all the documents that the attorney requested from us.

When we started with this firm in December we were only one month behind on our mortgage. On June 30th the Lender denied our modification. We have been in foreclosure and we have a Trustee's Sale Date of July 16, 2009.

We kept in contact with Doug, Tomas, Jeff, David and the lender at least two times per week. We met with David on May 15, 2009 and received his written guarantee that he would help us get our loan modified.

We contacted the attorney and we inquired as to whom they negotiated with at the lender. They told us that the could not do anything else for us. They also told us it is best for us to let our home go in foreclosure. We demanded our money back because it stated in the contract that if they were unsuccessful, they would return our money. We made an appointment to meet with the officials at the firm.

My wife went to the Newport Beach office to meet with the negotiators. We demanded our money and our file. They were stalling, telling us David was on his way, and this was a lie. We were also told that the refund has to come from the Corporate office. We have not received our money. The firm has changed its phone number and we are unable to locate them. We have since found out that other people have been scammed.

We need help contacting this attorney again to get our money back.
Let's hope other people do not fall victim to this attorney.

Valencia, California

As of 8/20/09 we have not received our refund from this company. We sent them the signed refund request form as we were told to do. We returned it via fax on 7/31/09, also by email. Looks like they are stalling on refunding our money.

We filed a report with the BBB in Orange County, Ca. It looks like this company could care less about dealing with their client in a professional and businesslike manner.


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  • Gi
      Sep 02, 2009

    my husband does modifications. We hate seeing people get scammed. He does plenty of them for free. Why dont you call him and see what he can do for you. His name happens to be Jacob also but he goes by Jake. he works for American Loan Modification Group. Good luck, i hope he can be of some assistance. [protected] thank you and have a blessed day.

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  • Ga
      Dec 04, 2009

    I was laid-off in November 2008 and immediately took a pro-active approach in shoring up my financial walls. After filing for unemployment, my next step was to find a reputable company to represent me to modify my 1st with ING and a 2nd with Wells Fargo. I contacted Arase Law Firm and hired the firm at a cost of $3500, 00 in December 2008 that I had to pay with a credit card, as I had no other means of payment. I was told then that the modifications could take up to 2 months. I submitted as required all the requested financial documents. Initially the customer service was so good that I referred a close friend (Glenn Jefferys) to the company as his family was going through a similar situation. After a month or so I started calling to get updates but as with all the other [redacted]s stated, every-time I called all I got was an answering machine and no one ever called me back. Approx. 4 months later I received a call from ING stating that I would be receiving an offer for a modification on my 1st with them. Once I received the offer letter in the mail, I called the office again and finally was able to talk to a human being who told me to email them a copy of the offer letter. I had stated to the person that I was not satisfied with the offer and she then stated that after their review of my concerns they would contact me about renegotiating the terms. The letter had stated that if I did not accept the offer within 90 days it would be taken off the table. The person also told me that my 2nd with Wells Fargo was being "worked" simultaneously. After calling 1-2 times a day without a response, I had 1 day left before the 90 day period would expire so I had no choice but to accept the terms. I was finally contacted by the firm's employee Ian Hong after-the-fact and he apologized for the company's lack of responsiveness and assured me that he would prioritize my case and would take full responsibility for it (he even offered a refund to me which I did not accept at the time because all I wanted was the company to do what I hired them for). Ian Hong informed me that the 2nd with Wells Fargo hadn't even been addressed yet which was upsetting as I had been told previously that it had. I had been trying to maintain my patience in the wake of the calamity I'd experienced thus far with your organization. I was asked to resubmit all the financial documents again (thus far I had submitted 5 of the same set of documents) and that your firm should have an answer back from Wells Fargo in approx. 2 weeks. I tried calling for an update at least once a week. When i did speak to Jessica (45 days later) she told me that they we're in contact with Wells Fargo and said that all the necessary documentation had been submitted to Wells Fargo. I was told that Ian Hong was no longer with the company and my new case manager was a woman named Daniella whom when I spoke to, I addressed that Wells Fargo loss mitigation dept. had contacted me several times, she then stated that I was in violation of my contract with Arase by having direct conversations with them and that I was to refer all calls to them. I wrote a personal letter to David Arase pleading for his personal assistance dated August 18th 2009 and have not received a response as of this date. On Nov. 25th 2009 I once again was able to speak to Jessica who when looking at my file stated that the last contact made with Wells Fargo was 1 week prior and that my case was being "worked" by a new negotiator "Brian". That same day Alicia from Wells Fargo's loss mitigation called me and stated that they had closed the case, as they had no response after several tries in reaching your law firm. I was lied to. There is so much more, I could write a book about the negative experience I've had and continue to have with your company. I am in favor of participating in a class action law suit against Arase Law Firm or on the other hand will file a suit in small claims court as I do feel I as well as many others have been taken advantage of. Justice must be served upon those who prey against those of us who find ourselves in unfortunate situations and I will fight endlessly until that justice is served.

    As of this date I am withdrawing my request for Arase Law firm to advise, negotiate and/or represent me in any way and am demanding in full a refund in the amount of $3500.00 as you are in breech of our agreement per paragraph 2.(1), 2.(2) and 2.(3) (scope of services) of the contract signed and dated December 12 2008.

    I am requesting that all personal documentation pertaining to my case be forwarded back to me the address listed above.


    Gary J. Taylor

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