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Wow, where do I start? I was happy with my Citi Mortgage Account, and then all of a sudden, against my will, I am told Nationstar "bought out" my loan from them. A few months later I had a flood in my home. The Flood Insurance company (Travelers) was wonderful to deal with, but they had to put Nationstar as a payee on my settlement check. I was forced to sign the check for over $20, 000, and send it to Nationstar, to be redistributed back to me in increments, pending inspections of the repair work in progress. I was forced to hire my contractor with no down payment provided, then wait for the first check for all the supplies he needed to make the repairs. Well, I waited and waited, and had to call many times and explain the situation, NEVER spoke to the same person twice, and was told they were only following their "procedure". The flood happened in October of 2017, and the home was unlivable for four months while I waited for the checks to finally come. I lost 4 months of rent payments and had to pay mortgage for an empty house. Then when I was TWO days late for one of the payments, they actually had a collection agency call me!!! Even though there was a 20 day grace period, they harassed me until the received my check. They made my life miserable and it is still not re-rented as of March 2017.
I don't think anyone just chooses Nationstar for a mortgage company, they are in the business of buying out loans from other banks and "servicing" them. When and why did we lose our right to choose what companies we do our business with?? It's incomprehensible to me that such a huge decision such as what mortgage company we deal with can be made by corporations, against our will, !

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  • Jo
      4th of Aug, 2008
    Mortgage company - will not return call after taking $350.00
    Solstice Capital Group, Inc.
    17461 Derian Ave. suite 200
    United States

    Working to refinance home loan and they said I needed an appraisal of my home. I payed them $350.00 and they sent a company out. The company sent a man and before he left he asked what we needed to get the loan. We told then what Sean Gregory said we needed. The next they we new Sean sent me the appraial by email with a note good luck in the future. One I looked at the appraisal we were $5, 000.00 short of the amount we needed. Once I tried to contact Sean he then would not return my calls or my email. At that point I called and asked to speak to someone to file a complaint and spoke with someone named Vincent, which he was very ugly to me and my husband. The next thing I got a very ugly email from Sean. I still have not gotten any questions answered or gotten my money back but he did say if I was unhappy with the appraisal I could pay another $350.00 for a new one. I feel that Sean and the appraisal guy are scamming people out of their money and who knows but Solstice Capital maybe in on the scam to. I have been trying to send complaints to this company and HSBC because they are part of the same company but they don't want here about it, they just sent you in circles or they don't have a site on their web page for a complaint. It would be nice to have someone help for once.

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  • Kc
      17th of Nov, 2008

    We had a similar issue and were trying to get into a fixed-rate loan instead of an ARM. The loan analyst told us there was a "no-risk" appraisal if our loan did not go through. We were pressured to get it scheduled ASAP. Can you imagine any home not going down in value in the past year? So instead of disclosing that up front she said nothing about it. We paid $250 (only 1/2 of the total) and our calls have not been returned when asking for a refund as promised. I called a supervisor and the analyst. NO LUCK.

    It's amazing what some people will say to get you to pay them. Our refinance did not go through because the value dropped. $250 buys a lot of groceries for our family and we could CERTAINLY use it right now.

    This company takes advantage of consumers who are struggling to figure out how to stay out of trouble with a mortgage payment.

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