Mors furniture / furniture eXchanged

1 Fresno, CA, United States

WOW... if i have just made more effort into finding out about Mors reviews online then i would have never made a purchased at Mors & gotten myself in this situation of DEALING with all the horrible experience that i have come upon with mors customer service & the representatives also the delivering person them sel[censored] I have made many [email protected] dinning tables 1 cost $200...another cost $500...a complete bed room set $700...& a beautiful couch $1, 500 and all those purchases i received items that were dented, cushions were teared, underneath table was cracked everything was horible with them due the person doing the delivery whom is not CAREFUL and doesnt check on the items to make sure they are all in good conditions i had to make 3 call an filed claims to get them replaced which 2 of them were resolved and i have been waiting for 1 whole year since i made my last claim and customer service have made everything very difficult for me all this waiting saying they will call keep me updated with my parts this and that when it will arrived i waited n dont here no call i call them they say theyll call back here i go over and over so i wanted to talk to there supervisor and explain i have been waiting for so long that i was very dissapointed in them for not doing there job correctly so finally next you know after a whole damn year they say they dont carry my dinning table anymore make me drive out to Fresno to reselect a new dinning set when i arrived there from merced Ca my account has been voided and i was in the warehouse for 1 whole hr & 30min on there phone talking to the main office in Sanjose customer service line to have them recreate my exchanged!!! 5 min later the sales rep at the warehouse check into there computer system and the exchanged went through but it was for the wrong table and on top of that i am getting just the table no matching chairs which i had to call them back to recreate my exchange with the chairs or else i wont get the chairs which the rep and i both agreed i purchased a complete set new set y would i want jus a table but not matching chairs!!! UGggggghhhhhh I DONT EVER RECOMMEND MORSFURNITUR IN FRESNO CA TO ANYONE...PLEASE DO NOT EVER SHOP AT MORS FURNITURE I WILL NEVER EVER SHOP THERE EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE! COUSTOMER SERVICE REPS DONT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING THERE NOT DOING THERE JOBS RIGHT >>>>>DELIVERY PERSON DELIVERS BROKEN ITEMS overall THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER

Apr 14, 2014

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