Morrow companies / Managers selling personal information

1 11310 Cedar Ln., Tullahoma, TN, United States

I was living there for awhile when i started getting reports from a neighbor that the manager at the time (Michelle Pierson) was known to be giving SS numbers and all types of personal information and apartment key's to local thugs in the area so they could enter the apts and steal money and valubles. they would do this by disguising themselves as maintenance workers and wait till you left to enter. Several of my neighbors had to file bankruptcy because they had their identities stolen by this woman who would sell the renters personal identification and info for money. I also learned that this place was a drug haven and the manager( Michelle Pierson) was engaged in a prostitution ring that she was running out of the office after hours. i never thought this could happen but it does. I have since moved out and advise persons heading that way to avoid this rental property.


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