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HORRIBLE. If you have a choice, don't go here for your mortgage! The Collection Department is harrassing. I spent a 1/2 hr on the phone, explaining why I am behind on my mortgage, and how I will make up the one missed payment. I was very thoutough. I made extra payments to catch up. Was that good enough for them??!! NO! They had to "make contact with me every week"--even though I had already spoken to them, and told them my plan. If I did not answer the phone, or return their phone call, they would call every hour on the hour. THEN, they called my relatives! ###s. I paid extra every month, I was only behind by 1/2 a payment and I received a letter in the mail that they wanted what I owed or they would "accelerate my debt, and or foreclose, " whatever it takes. They are harrassing control freaks that love to threaten and wield power. BEWARE!


  • J
      Apr 03, 2010

    thats why we call you- we are control freaks... lol Its not OUR JOB or anything lmao

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