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More Supermarket, Putenahalli / Pathetic state of supermarket

1 India
Contact information:

And that brings me to my first point. I was trying to find a channel for providing my feedback about one of your stores. To my dismay, there doesn't seem to be any such channel. On your website, under "Contact Us", you've provided email addresses for various areas including Investor relations and even the "Management Trainee Scheme"! Sadly, there's no link for feedback from customers about your stores - something I would've thought should be really important to a company in retail. Maybe I'm wrong.

Anyway, I want to provide feedback, no strongly complain abou the More supermarket at Putenahalli (opposite Brigade Millenium, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Bangalore). This complaint is not based on one or two isolated visits, but the series of visits I've been making over the past ONE YEAR. Here're the key points:

1. Filthy, filthy, filthy: the state of cleanliness is atrocious, to say the least. There's always a mess everywhere. Water splashed about, dirt, paper, plastic bags, etc. strewn about. This in a store that sells food items. Every complaint I make to the staff is met with the standard response "Housekeeping staff is not there".

2. Limited Product Range: whenever I go, there's always a few items I can't get because of non-availability. I'm not talking about esoteric items like duck's eggs, but normal items like ordinary masalas, grains, pulses, etc. Also, it's not that the store never stocks these items (which is understandable), because I get them on some trips but not on others.

3. Poor service: the staff is poorly trained or inept, or both. They can never provide proper assistance and often it's much easier to scan all the shelves oneself, rather than ask any of the staff.

4. Poor service: the bill printer has not been working for over a month now. The first time I complained to the manager, he promised to rectify it the next day. That was a month ago.

This store, believe me, is making one hell of a dent on your brand image. I've stopped visiting it regularly - only go when I really have to. I prefer walking an extra ten minutes to the 'local' supermarket or the nearest foodworld.

I would appreciate it if you could:

a. Acknowledge this email
b. Setup a very clear and easy to find mechanism to obtain real customer feedback
c. Pass this on to the right people in your organization so appropriate action is taken against this errant store.

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