moorooka wholesale Pty Ltd / Non Existent Warranty Supplied

1 1009 Ipswich road Moorooka, moorooka, Queensland, Australia
Contact information:
Phone: 0448 226 154

moorooka wholesale Pty Ltd

Non Existent Warranty Supplied
ADDRESS: 1009 Ipswich road Moorooka
MOBILE: [protected]

Jason Mackay stated there was a 12 warranty valid Australia wide, that I could take to vehicle to any mechanic I liked.

THE TRUTH: - This was a complete LIE.

Jason Mackay was notified of the repair required.
He never phoned back.
He has no intention of honoring verbally stated warranty.

The vehicle was supplies with a dodgy Road Worthy Certificate, and the rear brake cylinder were siezed / leaking and the vehicle would not past RACQ RWC, (amoungst other more minor faults) this was something MAJOR.

The RWC supplier was DTR Mechanical 9 Youngs Crossing RD Joyner 4500

Jul 11, 2015

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