mony tree systemswas not authorized under different names

I was looking to make money and signed up for the $1.97 kit which I never did recieve.I have tried repeating to call and cancel.I was not satisfied and did exactly what you said to do to recieve my refund.You did not give me a change to cancel due to bad bussiness practice's that did not meet you 100% satisfaction.I have since been charged by a company by the name of Google Treasure Chest for $72.21.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Independence, MOI deserve a refund of all moneys due to your inability to back your guaratine.The phone was never answered and the website was not responsive either.I know of two of these scams and want refunds from other companies that you may run.I am a spinal cord injury patient and I am not always able to get out of bed.I am in and out of the hospital constantly but I did my best effort to contact you for my refunds.
Thank You,
Bryan L. Mullendore

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