Montclair Village Association / Be careful

Do not patronize this establishment. It is unfriendly to elderly people. I stopped in there on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 and went walked to use the men's restroom. When I ask to use the restroom the 4 (four) attendants on duty told me that it would be about 5 minutes - after seven minutes had passed I asked them again and they told me it would be another 15 minutes. At that time I told them "I really needed to urinate badly", at which time one of the attendants said, "If you really need to go that bad you better 'run down' to the Standard service station" - at that comment all the attendants proceeded to laugh. I am under the impression that they thought it was funny that they made me wait that long and that I might at some point have to pee on myself.

I left there very angry and thinking why would anyone want to treat another person that inhumanly. Also during the same I while my issue was unfolding I noticed an elderly lady trying to get some help at the pump; waving to get their attention and nobody made an move to go outside to attend to her.

There were four people there. The first was a little fat guy inside sitting on a stool on the right side using the phone laughing and jabbering; there were other two people working (?), talking and laughing while staring under the hood of a car, and straight across in the backroom there was another gentleman who didn't seem to care what was going on at the pump or anywhere else in the station. All these A-holes were a stone's throw from one another. When I walked away they were all still laughing at me.

I had bought gas from this station in the past and even then noticed then that the people working were rude and inattentive - being happy only to accept the cash when paying for fuel. They gave nothing extra, no "thank-you", "have a good day" or anything. This is the first time I've had any interaction with them other than putting fuel in my truck and it was horrible. Do not give this people another dime. They don't care about you, me or anyone - just your money.


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