Montavilla Motel / Very bad customer service

I was a regular at Montavillla when I used to come for business sake. I used o like to go here as it was the most convenient one. The rooms were quite good and clean. I used to always come with my husband. We always got the same room. The last time I came here we did not get the same room because the room which we got was already booked. So we asked them to give us another room. They gave us the room next to it. When we entered the room it was totally messed up. I went to the counter and asked for the manager. I told him what the problem was he said that we were lying I did not like the service. We never got such bad service at any hotel before. And the maintenance here is terrible. I would never recommend this place to anyone in the world. Please stay away form this dump! I did not expect this form them they were good but not any more. Very bad customer service!


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