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Do not purchase from this site!!! Please read the chat support I recieved!
After puchasing a template and installation services and attempting to contact Monster templates and their partner, the following was the response I finally got. by going back to the sales live chat forum.
(had tried for 2 days to contact the installation departement, chat forum not working, emails that are supposed to be answered in within 24 hours not asnswered, contact phone not answered and voicemail full).

Chat history: TT customers
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BCC: recipientsYou Show Details FROM:Templatetuning Chat TO:Chris Gesek Message flagged Tuesday, May 1, 2012 6:56 PM
Chat history: TT customers

[18:28:35] Chris Gesek: I purchased template number 38286. I also purchsed the install thru your partner templatetuning. The problem is not with the template(that I am aware of), I still llike the design, but it is not being installed. It is impossible to contact templetetuning, they do not respond to email, chat is not working, contact phone number is not being answered ahd voice mail is full.
[18:28:38] aiden: Hello! My name is Aiden Reed. I am a sales/project manager. How can I help you?
[18:28:59] Chris Gesek: DO NOT TRANSFER

[18:29:25] aiden: no problem
[18:29:34] Chris Gesek: I allreday paid for installation, please read my full post!
[18:29:57] Chris Gesek: I cannot get ahold of them and I have waited long enough
[18:31:44] aiden: your project manager got already some of info you sent him he will response you shortly
[18:32:37] Chris Gesek: Is there a language barrier here? I WANT A REFUND your partner (templatetuning) is horrible
[18:33:22] aiden: sure no problem there is no language barrier between us, please contact customer care and they will do it for you
[18:33:28] aiden: [protected]
[18:33:47] Chris Gesek: where is customer care?
[18:34:21] aiden: right at the address above I provided to you
[18:36:50] Chris Gesek:
I cannot get my template instaled, I paid for this service. worse yet templatetuning does not answer emaills, chat is working, contact number is not being answered, voicemail full, how do I get a refung?

[18:37:08] Chris Gesek: chat IS NOT working
[18:37:22] Chris Gesek: oops===REFUND
[18:37:25] aiden: please contact customer care and they will do it for you: [protected]
[18:37:29] aiden: email them
[18:38:23] Chris Gesek: THE EMAIL IS NOT BEING ANSWERED, seriously no comment on all the contact ways I told you that isn't working??????
[18:40:09] aiden: there is no other way to get refund, read above how to contact customer care deportment and they will response you shortly
[18:42:50] Chris Gesek: ?????anyone theres
[18:43:25] aiden: Im sales manager I can make you quote to purchase service
[18:43:37] aiden: already provided to you info how to get refund
[18:43:43] aiden: How can I help you?
[18:43:43] Chris Gesek: Is anyone going to assist me?
[18:43:55] aiden: assist you with what?
[18:46:21] Chris Gesek: I will just send this log to my credit card company so they are aware I tried to get resulution from your support.
[18:47:46] aiden: its ok you free to do what ever you want
[18:47:47] Chris Gesek: ????????????????????????????
[18:48:28] aiden: I if you want to get installation service you should wait for response from your project manager
[18:48:33] Chris Gesek: what is your problem? How do you retain customers with this attitude? who is in charge there??
[18:49:11] aiden: Unfortunately your PM Richard is currently not available in chat. Please, e-mail him ([protected]
[18:49:31] Chris Gesek: DO YOU REALLY NOT SEE THE PROBLEM? are you asking me to wait indefinately for a response and not be able to contact them?
[18:50:59] Chris Gesek: Is there an english speaking person I can contact by phone, it seems there may be a language barrier here.
[18:51:03] aiden: Did I introduce myself? Im sales manager I can only provide you quote to purchase service, Im not your project manager to solve problems with your installation
[18:51:17] aiden: please contact your project manager or customer care for it
[18:51:26] aiden: emails above
[18:51:45] Chris Gesek: I WANT A REFUND
[18:52:06] aiden: do you understand english? or not?
[18:52:16] aiden: please contact customer care and they will do it for you
[18:52:18] aiden: for refund
[18:52:50] Chris Gesek: Why was I transferred to you if you cannot assist me, ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? HOW UNPROFESSIONAL CAN YOU BE?????
[18:53:18] Chris Gesek: i WANT A PHONE NUMBER, you are rude and unprofessiona
[18:53:56] aiden:
[18:54:21] Chris Gesek: ONE MORE TIME, THEY DO NOT ANSWER..
[18:55:10] aiden: try one more time
[18:55:10] Chris Gesek: I want connected with someone who can get me a refund.
[18:55:18] aiden: [protected]
[18:55:20] Chris Gesek: REFUND...
[18:55:23] aiden: [protected]
[18:56:02] Chris Gesek: i dont want a refund from them, I want a refund for my template also, that was purchased from your site
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