Monitron Electric Boiler / installation of bi energy heating system

We had our Bi energy system installed august this year. We tried to start using it last month since it started to become cold. There was no heat coming out so we called the company after which they would respond after a week later. They came several times, around 4x and still we had problems, its either its not heating up or after they come fix it, the temperature is so high that we are almost dying of heat. The thermostat control cannot be controlled already, it just stays so high around 27 degrees and after a month of using it, we thought our heating is thru Hydro but we got billed fron Gaz an amount we are not supposed to be consuming at this time of year. We paid almost 15, 000 dollars for the system which we loaned. Our objective in switching to bi energy is to lessen our heating bills, but we got agrravated financially since we still had billed from Gaz, meaning the machine they installed is not working properly. And now we are using back Gaz heating since they did not come back to fix it, but our problem again is that we no longer could control or use the thermostsnt control since they came to install their machine.

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