Monica Elaine Longoria / Attempted to steal 2,500

1 Katy, TX, United States

I wanted to take the time to warn everyone about Monica Elaine Longoria based out of Katy Texas. I spent an excessive amount of time working with Monica in relation to purchasing one of her pages that she owns. We finally came down to an agreement and I sent over money directly over to her. Upon sending money, she changed the agreement and didn't offer to add me on the page as she agreed upon. I had already sent over 2, 500 and was at a complete loss. She then said she would go in the morning to withdraw the payment so I figured that waiting overnight would not be that big of a deal. Upon reaching out to her, she blocked all communication. I then decided to have my funds returned to me. It turns out that if I would have had my funds returned that night I would not have paid a single penny. Since it is a new day I now have to pay a 100 processing fee due to Monica's ill judgement and lack of professionalism. If you are considering making any money exchange with Monica its a good idea to stay away. She could end up costing you much more from her lack of commitment.

Apr 23, 2014

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