SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Fraudulent Use of Credit Card

1 8415 Gravel Circle Apartment A, Tampa, FL, United States
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On 11/03/2010, Mongocard, without my permission or authorization, attempted to take $99.95 from my credit card. I caught that transaction and put a stop payment on the charge. On 01/12/2011, they put through another debit for $99.95, which was not authorized by me. They have gotten my information somehow (phishing) and keep attempting to take this money out of my account. Now, I have had to get the local police department involved to file a Fraud Affidavit to get the refund of $99.95 returned to me. My bank is filing this Affidavit today 01/13/2011. I don't know who this company is and I have never gone on their site to request an online mall credit card. They are scammers using any means possible to collect money. I am disabled and living on Social Security and cannot afford to have this keep occurring. I suspect once contacted by the police, I MAY get a refund. Do NOT do business with them!!!

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