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Money Tree / illegal charge to my credit card

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Money Tree or Google Treasure Chest
Some company is charging my credut card without providing any service. I don't even know what Money Tree or Google Treasure Chest is supposed to provide. They keep charging my credit card regardless of my attempts to cancel whatever service they think I have ordered. I also am having trouble trying to cancel my credit card, Capital One, because the charge of $72.21 from Google Treasure Chest keeps appearing. Capital One says I have to pay off the account before they will close the account. I refuse! This three months of charges by Google Treasure Chest is illegal. Also, I believe the credit card company should have honored my request to close my account. The employee at Google Treasure Chest would not give me the name of a superior, would not provide an address for the company, however the telephone was in the Mountain Standard time zone. The charge says Google Treasure Chest [protected] UT. Whatever you do, avoid this company. They are a scam.


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A  10th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I can go one better with my complaint to the same company, I believe - I called the 888 number listed on my bank account that was affiliated with this $72.21 charge, the girl - Natalie - couldn't find anything with my name or phone number, then tried to get my credit card number from me, which I refused, but wouldn't even give me her company name stating it was for "protection". More like for scamming if you ask me. If a Company is legit, why wouldn't they provide their company name? Sounds fishy to me. Especially since I didn't sign up for anything. The only good thing is this charge was made against my bank card and I am gonna go into the bank and make a claim against this and my bank will investigate and remove this bogus charge from my account. It is a pain, but at least they won't get to scam any money from me. And for this reason, I will never order another thing online again. It is too easy for people to get your information. Its not worth the aggravation and stress that it causes. I will just do my shopping the old fashioned way from now on.
A  10th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Why don't you have Capital One issue you a new card with a new number so that they can't keep taking the money out. Did you file a dispute with Capital One for this charge specifically. They should be able to give you a new card with a different number to stop those charges. Most credit cards won't "close" the account without it being paid in full, but you can ask for a dispute of a charge and request a new card due to fraudulent use. That's how I would handle that end of it if I were you. I wouldn't buy anything online anymore either. I am definitely not ordering online anymore. I have learned my lesson for sure! Good luck to you.

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