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I am 62 years male. I received a letter in the mail from money magazine saying to claim my thank you reward gifts now with several items of pictured gifts it was a certificate with a value amount attached to it as a reward for being a valued subscriber know an behold i send it off with the certificate. I fell for the SCAM entered my credit card info, had second thoughts, and clicked on my bank account. in less than minutes my account was charged $4.50 shipping plus $158.64 had been taken out of my account. I called my bank an was told the charges was pending and nothing could be done until the charges went thru. I CALL THESE THIEF AND THEY SAID THE PRODUCTS WAS FINAL NO REFUND


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      Jul 08, 2009

    Same thing happened with me!! I have found that it is very difficult to find anyone to complain to, it is difficult to figure out who the company really is. Apparently the parent company is Synapse Group. I am returning the "gifts". So we will see if they process a refund. VERY, VERY deceitful scam!!! For anyone who has magazines, beware they sell your cc #'s. Do not accept the " Thank you reward program"

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      Jul 09, 2009

    I was under the impression that the products were FREE as well. But of course this is not true. I became suspicious when it said the person's account number will be forward to the vendors but I had already sent the order form. When I called to cancel my order, it was only the automated response that was available. I discovered you can only cancel the magazine order via phone, the other products did not have that options. I goggled the Synapse Group, their number is (203.595.8255), I called and was able to speak to someone. She said to mail the products back and full money will be refunded.

    When you call and get the automated response, if you press (Zero) twice, it will connect you with a someone to speak to.

    Hope it helps.

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  •   Jul 19, 2009

    check out for some delicious revenge... no refund awaits.

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      Jul 23, 2009

    Another victim here. Just got the credit card bill for $178. The document reads like the items are free. This is a scam if I've ever heard of one. If you call the customer service number, [protected], and get past the automated time waster by hitting zero a couple of times, you supposedly will reach a person, but only between 9am and 9pm. I'll be trying tomorrow!!!

    I spoke with a representative from Money magazine who stated it isn't them. It's a separate company out of Salt Lake City, UT that uses the same type face at the top of the page. If you get a 'Reward Claim Services' notice in the mail, rip it up!!!

    For those that have gotten swindled like me and canl not get a credit, get the word out, file a claim with the BBB, call your local news organization. Scams like this have got to be stopped!

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      Aug 01, 2009

    On each of those mail in offers, that are received from the mail it does state in size 12 font, the same size font the rewards savings is printed in, it says "each is yours with the rewards certificate plus the Amount Shown(underlined) and also in fine print on the back. The reward also says "can not be redeemed for cash or credit value". IT does sound tricky, but generally if you have to give bank/credit information, it means you are going to get charged.

    The company does not sell credit/bank card information, on the back of the offer, where you have to fill out your personal information, it does state "your billing information would be forwarded to Stamford, Connecticut, GIft Services Inc".

    I feel that if you have a question about the wording you should call the toll free number on the letter, before just guessing and getting mad when you receive a bill.

    Also, when you call in, they also offer refunds. If the item is already sent, which it is sent third class mail, usps, you have to wait and return the merchandise to received the credit. If you receive a damaged good, you can keep it and they will refund your money. They will also refund your money if you did not receive your item, within the 6 to 8 week period, prior to refunding they will ask if you would like the item(s) to be reshipped.


    It is not the company's fault that someone failed to read the information and terms and conditions.

    Lesson to learn: Read ALL the print on any offers that you may receive!!!

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      Aug 17, 2009

    Apparently, the charge of $175 on my credit card came via a subscription to a different entity. I called them and had the charges reversed. I would'nt want to use the term 'fraudulent' because it wasn't. However, the whole transaction was a little unconscionable because I do not recall seeing any boilerplate on my contract with the other entity. Even if there were any such provisions, clearly, they were tucked away deep down somewhere in the contract, in tiny perhaps unreadable fonts and in confusing language.

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      Dec 01, 2009

    I was scammed as well ... same MO. The return address on the "Thank-You Reward Notice" is TIME Reward Claim Services, PO Box 30468, Salt Lake City, UT 84130. The announcement reads: IMPORTANT THANK-YOU REWARD NOTIFICATION for a maximum reward value of $197.00. I still can't figure out how they took the money out of my account since I did not give them any account information. I've been through Identity Theft and won't provide personal information beyond name and address, which they already had. This is pathetic!! I'm thinking it may not even be related to Time, Inc. which is who they say they are when you call demanding that they take the charge off the account. I think I'm going to follow up with Time, Inc. to validate whether or not they are in fact the same company. If so, I'm canceling my subscription for Time magazine and will never buy it again. Good luck ...

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      Jun 27, 2010

    i was also scammed out of 58 dollars off of this, i got a post card about rewards from sports illustrated, the only magazine i subscribe to. i sent in an order form that said i had 92 dollars in credit, i only used the 58 dollars i got charged for, and i tried calling that number that was on my bank statement and got an automated service, so i got scammed out of almost sixty dollars i was gonna use toward a trip to chicago for a cubs game, and now i have hardly any money for that at all.

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      Jun 30, 2010

    Here is an article from 2006 giving details of this scam:

    Hope this helps

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