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My name is Johnnie Munford

I had a bad experience in your place of business today. It never should have happened !
I purchased a money order from western union for $531.18. It was issued in 2 transactions one for $500.00 & one for 31.18. After submitting it, It was returned be caused my mortgage company would only allow 1 transaction. Therefore, I was forced to return them for a refund. I am very sick and in a lot of pain !
After being informed by western union that I could be refunded through any check cashing place that service western union, I called your bank. Upon speaking with your customer service person prior to my arrival, She assured me that she could refund my
money. I explained I did not have an account .On today, January 22, 2015, I arrived at your bank only to get rejected, and in a very rude way. The young lady that serviced me was new. She ask for help from whom I assumed was a supervisor. This person was very rude and negative. After rejecting me, I informed her that I had previously called and got approval. She denied talking to me, and said I must have called the wrong bank. I know that I did call this bank because, I asked is this the bank inside Walmart In Clinton.

I am very unhappy because, I was misinformed and at this particular time I am really ill and made a blank trip and was treated BADLY. While waiting in line I was thinking about opening an account. But now after being treated so rude. I will not.

This happened today January 22, 2015 @ your location @ Walmart Clinton Ms.

Jan 22, 2015
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  • We apologize for such a difficult experience. We would like to look further into your situation. If you’ll send an email with your contact information to [protected], we will get in touch with you.

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