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I filled out an application online for a loan. Silverwood financial contacted me and said they can give me a loan. That i need to send them money to secure the loan. Which i didnt understand that to send it to canada to secure the loan. Well which i didnt understand that. So i sent a total of 5500 to them . i did thids cause david assured me it was legit business taransaction with the loan agreement and all.Which i got scammed out of. they said the aug 29th 2017. they said they would give me my loan that they said i got. But they didnt do that. Come to find out they ran off with my money. i found this out by trying to contact them and seen this website posted .then i knew i got scammed. Cant anybody that cares try to get my money back. I feel like i was robbed of my hard earned money. i feel like mader just got my money. David and mark and patricia is part of this scam.


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  • Ms
      Sep 18, 2008

    I see there are many people in the sam situation!!! STAY TUNE...I will return with a start on how we can get as many people involve in order to get this foolishness resolved the best way possible.

    There is no time and its not right especially in times like this...PEOPLE HAVE NO EXTRA $$$ to give away!

    A paycheck away from being broke or homeless in these days and ages! or feel free to send me your private email!!!


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  • Ra
      Jul 18, 2009
    money - fraud or scam
    barclays bank plc london
    202 w5th
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    i got a scam email from barclays bank wanting the sum of 15, 000, ooo, ooo into my bank account that i was a beneficiary i was filing out this form last nite didnt finsh it it was sent by a child. here is the address of the bank barclays bank plc london clapham junction 7 st johns hill sw 11 i tn london an the email was signed head banking section ed, forign payments mr john if i need two be contacted by phone or email use these numbers 203463 i get lots of these from your country do thi form work on other banks in your country?thanks

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  •   Sep 01, 2009

    I am sorry to hear about your case.
    The same thing happened to someone i know, contact the UK embassy they are paying some compensation, foward them all the paperwork and details of the scam, [protected]


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  • Wi
      Oct 06, 2009

    I am trying to cancel my account which is [protected]. WillIam

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  • Ki
      Jun 19, 2011


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  • Ki
      Jun 19, 2011

    how to get the 1000000 money which i won in uk mobile draw?

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  • Cr
      Jun 21, 2011

    Lol good one Brenda, You Go Girl

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  • Cr
      Jun 22, 2011

    I think I know that mouse he came into my house & took my cheese!

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  • Co
      Jun 29, 2011

    Dear Complainant,

    We have received your complaints and queries.We have gone through your complaint and after contact with The British High Commission.The donor companies; we have understood that there is a series of LOTTERY and giving Out of CASH reward from The United Kingdom.This series of LOTTERY and sweepstakes are being conducted for the upliftment of the people in the developing and under developing countries to eradicate poverty and illiteracy. We have verified and clarified from the United Kingdom Financial institution bodies that the only legal and authorized body responsible for all forms of LOTTERY and sweepstakes being conducted in the United Kingdom is.The WPC ([protected], London. Any other means apart from WPC is not legal and been approved by the Great Britain Government.In this regards, we have forwarded your complaint to the Winning Processing Centre through Email.We request you to forward your complaint and queries to the WPC. Their contact details are given below. We assure you that they will assist you to know the fact of your complaint and to solve the issue. Do not contact anybody else there is a lot of fraud and only WPC and HMRC can pay the money to you if it is truth.

    Kindly contact the WPC:-([protected]

    Admin Team

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  • Cr
      Jun 29, 2011

    I've always found that the best way to make money is to get a job & work for it, so that i could have a steady income that i could depend on so that my bills were paid.

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  • Pa
      Apr 17, 2012

    Monroe money management is a fraud don, t get invvauled

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