Money Master/Search Incomepro / Improper charging/fine print lesson

1 Canberra Metro Area, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

I too was scammed by this company. However I believe its a good lesson in reading the fine print. Whilst the initial fee is $1.95, I was charged a monthly fee of $59.84 (U.S) from Money Mastery and a further $29.71 (U.S) from Search Incomepro. The phone number on my Citibank credit card bill was either continually engaged or went to a fax machine, but I finally got onto the company through the number [protected] (Australian International access included). The gentlemen I spoke to on the phone immediately cancelled both transactions and gave me cancellation confirmation details. I guess I will have to wait to my next credit card bill arrives to see if the cancellation truly has taken effect.

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