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Scam artists

Complaint Rating:  54 % with 149 votes
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Eugene, Oregon
United States
I signed up for the MonaVie business opportunity in March of this year. I have worked really hard to build this business and have invested hundreds of dollars into the MonaVie business to try to make a go of it. Throughout my time in MonaVie, the local leaders in our area: Todd Bishop and Amy Freeman have encouraged me to continue to invest my money and time and would be a Black Diamond inside of a year if I worked hard.

I have now come to realize that Amy Freeman and Todd Bishop have done nothing but lie to me and my family and made fraudulent statements to me and my friends so that we would continue to invest our money in MonaVie. They claim that anyone can make the money they are making if they spend enough money and time.

Joyce. Everything Todd and Amy has told me is nothing but lies. I now know they only helped me so that I would buy more product to further their business. Monavie is a good product, but the company is horrible. They reward lying thieves like Todd Bishop and Amy Freeman and take money from hard working people like my family. Everyone I have brought into the MonaVie business is not quiting because of Todd and Amy's lies.

I hope someone will shut them down before they spread more hurt.
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A  25th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
I agee. Todd Bishop and Amy Freeman are nothing but SCAM ARTISTS.

These people are very good at convincing people to waste money on monavie.

They have done nothing but lie to me, my friends, and my family.

I pray that the Monavie company sees this and puts an end to these worhtless people.

Todd Bishop and Amy Freeman have caused so much heartache in my life. Most of my friends and family now want nothing to do with me.

I hate these people.
A  25th of Jul, 2008 by    +1 Votes
I too agree with everything that has been said.

MonaVie is a scam.

I'm done with this company. Beware if you decide to join. They suck you in.
A  25th of Jul, 2008 by    +1 Votes
Yea, MonaVie is a real ripoff. Most people don't make any money out of it. Typical Pyramid scheme like Amyway.
N  28th of Jul, 2008 by    +1 Votes
I want to confirm that this MonaVie thing is a total rip-off.

I've been working it for over a year and a half, I mean really working it. I've made a little money, yes, but I'm no were near making back what I've put into this. Not even close.

This product is just too expensive and too hard to sell.

Yes, a VERY small percentage of people make real money at this, but 99% won't even come close to making enough money to actually do this full time.

Don't waste your time.

N  28th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
Todd Bishop and Amy Freeman SUCK!!!

They have done nothing but lead me on, lie to me, and take my money They suck donkey.

These people are the worst kind of liars and theives because they pray on the inocent.

I believed in MonaVie and loved the product, but these people have shown me that I being involved with this company is worse than being involved with the Mafia.

Beware of Todd Bishop and Amy Freeman and MonaVie at all costs.

Lance H
A  29th of Jul, 2008 by    +1 Votes
There is no criticism of Monavie that would be to extreme in my opinion. As far as I'm concerned, it is a criminal enterprise.

If Todd and Amy told you that all it takes is hard work to reach Black Diamond, they lied to you. Monavie's Income Disclosure Statement shows that only 12 out of 35471 distributors reached Black Diamond -- that's 1/3000! You'd be far better off playing roulette.


If Todd and Amy misrepresented the "business opportunity" you should strongly consider filing a complaint against them and Monavie LLC with the FTC. It's illegal to misreprent the buisness the way they did.
A  29th of Jul, 2008 by    +2 Votes
I joined MonaVie a couple years ago. The leaders in my area where nice enough and mostly helpful.

The problem is, they mostly were blowing smoke. Most of the people I know who signed up in MonaVie are no longer involved. Everyone I personally sponsored quite within 6 months.

Yes, in my opinion it is no better than any of the other MLMs our there. Arbone, MonaVie, Amway -- they are all basically the same.

I think people are being a little to hard on this Todd and Amy people, but maybe they pissed a few people off.

Don't waste your money and time on Monavie. It looks good on paper, but it just doesn't work.
A  29th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
I can confirm that Todd Bishop and Amy Freeman are unethical and mis-represent MonaVie.

They convinced my husband and I to buy 12 cases of MonaVie and I've yet to make any money from this purchase.

My only hope is that this message stops the dis-honesty and the corruption.

It needs to stop.
A  29th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
I was also part of the Eugene MonaVie business this year.

I joined and very hard to make a go of it. Despite the fact that I am very well known in this community here, I failed. Everyone I sponsored failed. Everyone I know who has tried the MonaVie business has failed.

I agree that Todd Bishop and Amy Freeman are mis-representing the MonaVie business.

I invited these people into my home and watched them lie to my friends and family. I had no idea what to do. I was told to just follow these people and listen to them.

The maddness needs to stop.
N  30th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
For the past few weeks I've been considering signing up with Mona Vie, but after reading all of these horror stories, I'm going to re think everything. I've done Direct Sales before, but I guess I still haven't hit the heads nail with any company as of yet. My husband and I are presently doing GNLD, too, but thought that complimenting our business with Mona Vie would be a good idea... back to the drawing board!
A  30th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
I too got involved in the monavie business here in Eugene Oregon.

It was a miserable failure. My husband and I tried really hard for months to make it work, but now we have a few thousand dollars of additional credit card debt and several of our friends don't really like us anymore.

All of the people who claim they are making money who I have listened to all say the same thing: Oh, this is so easy, ANYONE can do it. You will be making thousands of dollars a week in not time.

That is a real line of crap. Once you are in this for awhile and get to know other people who are doing it, you quickly find out that just about everyone who is in it really isn't making anything.

I'm done wasting my money on monavie so that a few people out of hundreds of thousands can actually make money.
A  30th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
Yea, Todd and Amy Freeman are in my upline here in Eugene. I was pointed to this site to add my two cents cuz I've been really burned by monavie.

Todd and Amy Freemen feed me a big line of ### and convinced me to waste my time and money. They would show me their monavie website where they were making like $4, 000 a week and said this is normal after you've be involved for a year or so.

I've been in this thing for like over 5 months and I'm not even making $500 a month. I barely even make enough to pay for all of the juice I have to buy to even make money.

Todd and Amy Freeman are nice people and all in person, but what they are telling people out here in Eugene is just wrong.

I hope someone at the monavie company reads some of this and puts a stop to it. At some point, someone is going to start hiring lawyers and filing lawsuites or something.

A  31st of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
Wow, I am really glad I found this article. I've been researching MonaVie online to see what others think of it.

I live in Salem, Oregon and attended a meeting at an athletic club recently put on by Ms Freeman.

Myself and my parents were about to signup, but after reading all of these horrible accounts of these people, there is no way I'm signing up.

It blows my mind that people can operate a business like this.
D  31st of Jul, 2008 by    -1 Votes
I understand that all you went through a hard time with Two people???? Why would two people make the whole company bad? I have had nothing but good experice with monavie. I've been doing monavie for 4 weeks now. Have I made any money only 100 bucks! But thats not the point Im drinking it and staying healthy while doing it. And if i can make some extra money on the side by sharing it with others great. I tell people about mon'avie and tell them everyone knows eating there fruit everyday can live a healthy life style.
Thats all I care about if i can make something of this business then so be it. But im not about to go online and buy it cheap or buy other drinks. I know what this drink does for me and that is all it matters. DON"T let one person burn you cause of all this. People will quit the businness people will stay you just have to keep working on it. If you don't then don't worry about it just drink it. And if its to much then your pocket book is more important then your health. But more power to you guys take you pills and die and slow death like the drug companys want you to. Not I, Im going to do everything to stay away from them!
If this makes any sense please tell me or if you have a arguement please tell me. I want to know!
Dustin Knight
D  31st of Jul, 2008 by    -1 Votes
Also I forgot to mention that if you tell monavie this is going on they can and will kick these people out of monavie. So far I can't find these people online anywhere involed in monavie only on these borads about people complaing. So they might of got kick out already. I hope they do for there scams. I tell everyone monavie is not cheap and its a hard business to work but its great to drink it!
Dustin Knight
A  31st of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
Yea, I agree with the OP. There is some seriously bad business going here.

I hope Monavie gets a clue at some point and just kicks people like this out of the company.
N  31st of Jul, 2008 by    -1 Votes
I hope I am not to late in reading this blog! I signed up earlier this week and just recieved my first case of MonaVie and case of gel packs today. I am, as Mr. Knight, in ot for personal reasons, for a healthier me! If I make money along the way - GREAT for me, if I don't, I am still going to be healthier. I also ordered business cards, hats, etc. from the MonaVie Mall - all of this BEFORE finding this site. I did read earlier, maybe on this blod, maybe not, that Brig Hart was one of the TOP people in Amway! I KNEW HE LOOKED AND SOUNDED FAMILIAR!

I do hate it for the people of Eugene, Oregan dealing with the Freeman's! Man, that is crappy! My buddy that told me about MonaVie asked me to look at the website, if I was interested, call him back, if not call him anyway! No preasure, No meeting (yet...). Again, I really liked it until I found the Amway information. I still like the product, but getting rich... probably not happening. But I will be healthier and happier.

One key thing to remember: If it was SO EASY, why isn't everyone doing it! And more important, If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is! You need to drink MonaVie to better yourself, if you can't afford it, DON'T DO IT!!!

The best of luck to all of you! I will continue to drink it, not so sure about the business part now!
A  31st of Jul, 2008 by    -1 Votes
I'm from Northern Cal, but have have a casual friend who lives up in Beverton, Oregon who is also in MonaVie. I read this Blog a few days ago and called her today.

This Freeman/Bishop couple sound like real losers. My friend, who I won't name here, is very excited about MonaVie but was told by Ms Freeman that if she didn't attend certain meetings, then she would get no help from them. She also said they have pressured her and others to make a bunch of bulk purchase orders or they wouldn't get any help. I told her to post on here, but she doesn't want to get involved.

I am really for the MonaVie project, but don't have alot of support here where I am -- I signed up at a meeting down in LA. However, this stuff is really depressing and my friend is really put out by what these people up in Eugene are doing.

This is some really bad mojo.
N  1st of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
I am really glad I chose not to join the Eugene team, or Monavie period. Sad to hear about all who have fallen on misfortune through greedy hands.
N  1st of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
It could have been worse you could have joined Traverus.

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