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MonaVie / Monavie scam!

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Monavie is a pyramid marketing scheme!

Monavie uses the term multi-level marketing (MLM). It is the same concept as a pyramid scheme. It is a legal way to scam unsuspecting people. The only way to become successful in this scheme is to cheat other people by promising them financial independence. This is the number one way to recruit new members. In reality, the new distributors have a very slim chance in making any profits from this scheme.

In the case of Monavie, its' own 2007 income disclosure statement says that "fewer than 1 percent qualified for commissions and of those, only 10 percent made more than $100 a week".1 In other words, only 0.1% of the distributors see any income from this venture. As such, it is extremely difficult to make any money as a distributor for Monavie.

For example to earn a commission of $300 you have to sell 30 cases or 300 bottles, which they refer to as 3, 000 GSV, each bottle is worth anywhere from $37 (standard pricing) to $27 (bulk pricing), which means you have to recruit at least 30 of your friends/family to buy on a weekly basis at least 4 bottles each. This calculation is based on the pricing and compensation data from their website.2

When you go to a Monavie meeting the first thing they will do is show you testimonials and photos of people in front of nice cars, homes, and yachts. The last thing they talk about is the actual business behind the product. This is to appeal to your emotions and to distract you from the real business. Once you're emotions are worked up it is harder to think logically. This is how they bring people to sign up.

Pay attention to the numbers. To see the truth recreate the financial model behind the distributors compensation structure. Do not get distracted by the sales presentation. They will use language like, "we do not sell... we share" (if that were the case then Monavie should be free of charge for everyone, all the time).

CLUE: The average distributor will never see any money from this company.

The real winner here is Monavie. Because they manage to create 5 million sales distributors, who are also customers, without the overhead burden of a traditional sales force. These people are all hoping to make money when in reality <1% see any profits, the rest will see only losses.3

Ignore all the testimonials and the lifestyle pitch. This is just a way to get you to think with your emotions rather than your brain!


1("A Drink's Purple Reign". Newsweek. Retrieved 2009-07-17.)

2The data above are based on various information provided by several Monavie representatives and distributors, and through an objective study of their product pricing and compensation structure, based on company literature, website and input from Monavie distributors.

3Pay attention to the actual numbers, not the numbers they put up in the screen. Calculate the numbers yourself. It will take some work, because the information you need are located in various places and not clearly discernible. They use terms that will confuse the average person, like 200 PSV or 1, 000 GSV, which are meaningless to the average person. This is designed so that it is harder to recalculate the actual compensation and the amount of work required to obtain it. A real business person will not pay attention to the marketing fluff, but only the real financial return of the business!

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  • Dm
      27th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Thanks for your comments.

    To be blunt you are obviously one of them people who do not research their information thoroughly and does not understand the notion of hard work and what it takes to build a business! Yes there are people in the MonaVie who will not earn an income from it, but that is not because the company or the system does not work it is because they have stopped trying to build their business.

    This is not a get rich quick scheme; it is an opportunity to start a part time business for very little monetary investment and not too much personal time. It is a business so yes there are going to be costs involved, any business requires some investment, as an example if you want to start cleaning windows, you will need to spend some money on a bucket a sponge and some form of transport...

    This is not a scam!
    1. Network Marketing has nothing to do with pyramid selling which is illegal, there is a UK company who operate a Network Marketing system to sell/market their products/services and are registered as a PLC company who are in the top 250 companies on the London Stock Exchange, do you think the London Stock Exchange would allow a company who is engaged in any illegal activities to operate within one of the most respected worldwide trading entities!!!
    Quite simply Network Marketing companies chose to reward their (distributors) sales force from profits rather than spend money on advertising, which only benefits the various advertising companies.

    2. Looking at MonaVie as a company, Ernst & Young a very respectable worldwide company would not present the CEO of a company the award of entrepreneur of the year if he or the company was engaged in any form of illegal or unethical activities!!!

    3. MonaVie's products are not presented as any form of cure etc, they are promoted as nutritional beverage, which they are, i.e. If your body has a good nutritional intake then your body functions better!!!

    I hope this highlights some peoples misunderstanding of Network Marketing and in particular MonaVie and the way in which they choose to market their products...

    Kind Regards

  • Me
      19th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    If it's not a scam how come I can't get my money back for a unauthorized and returned shipment? Customer Service sucks at Monavie and I am totally turned off on the product.

  • Dm
      19th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Sorry, I can't comment about that Meg9, all I can say is that like with all businesses from time to time some people will have a bad customer service experience, take BT for example, a very well respected UK company who have thousands of satisfied customers and yet they still manage to have hundreds of complaints with poor service, me being one of them...

    Bad service is no reason to call a company a scam, BT is not a scam, neither is Monavie!

    Why are you sending your products back anyway? If I had sponsord you into the business I would have bought the products from you as I drink and share the juice, and always have the need for more...

    As an ex British Army PTI (Physical Training Instructor) I fully appreciate the need for good nutrition which is what MonaVie produce with their variety of products!

    I hope that helps you :-)

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