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Monagram Trust Residential / harassment, intimidation, and discrimination toward low income and disabled residents

1 Pembroke, GA, United States
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Ongoing retaliation and intimidating threats toward low income disabled tenant for complaining about noise and other lease violations from a neighbor. Management says my complaints are invalid even though they are well documented and evidenced based (pics, emails, recordings of ongoing nuisances)

Management is insulting and intolerant and show bias and favoritism toward higher rent tenants whom she deems are more worthy and credible, even when they lie and report false complaints. She continually blames the injured party (me and others) for playing victim and says the problem is i'm home all day that's why the constant noise bothers me. I'm disabled. She is easily bothered by reasonable requests. When I have a legit complaint she cross examines me, demands proof and when she gets it she still acts dubious. I am the customer, she is customer service. I'm a long term apartment dweller and have never experienced this type of treatment anywhere. Nor has my word been questioned or doubted ever. I've never had to complain about anything no matter where I lived, because other residents have been quiet and respectful. Wait till the landlords lawyer gets all my documentations which will contradict the false info she had him write in the letter to me. The irony is I wouldn't have all the proof I need if it wasn't for her demanding proof. She was basically trying to get me off her back so she could stonewall and avoid confronting the people who are causing the ongoing issues. She wasn't happy each time I followed up with the proof she demanded.

I'm a good, neat, non smoking, no pets, quiet, on time rent paying tenant. She threatens those on sec 8 because she knows their fear of homelessness. The worry about getting in trouble and loosing their sect 8 so they fear her power. Fortunately for me, after she made several threats and discriminatory remarks I could see her plan for me, so I alerted my housing authority of what I was experiencing and they asked me if id like to move. Moving is a big expense and hassle for someone in pain from an illness, and has a child in the school system and who has not done anything wrong! Many at the complex have had bad run ins with her and many have expressed they believe it's due to their low income status. Some have been unfairly evicted, others have left on their own, because they got worn down from her threats.

Years ago there were some unruly low income tenants when this manager came on board, so she tends to transfer their behaviors onto other disabled and low income tenants who are actually very good tenants. It's discrimination, plain and simple, and it is against the law. Yet, she doesn't evict or threaten people with numerous lease violations that are well documented and also in plain site. She turns a blind eye. She picks on the powerless not the powerful.

There are many unfair practices by this woman. Residents
Compare notes, and she has granted certain favors or upgrades to some but not to others. She is very arbitrary in general, beyond my own bad experiences. She is inconsistent and flustered often. At one point I was going to go over her head to report the fair housing violations, however I didn't want any trouble so I didn't bother.

She responds promptly to the residents she deems worthy and requires no evidence or proof to validate their complaints. This is discrimination in and of itself, never mind the remarks she makes. I'm very upset and plan to get a lawyer and report this to my selectmen, senator, hud etc. It's blatant misuse of power. One day she doesn't get involved in resident disputes, the next day she is taking sides. I'm going through landlord retaliation because she doesn't do her job nipping simple problems in the bud before they escalate. She transfers her frustration on to the vulnerable and she doesn't seem to be aware that her statements are discriminatory in nature. She has recently taken unnessary actions to threaten me and my childs well being and my housing status. For reasons of anonymity I will not post my evidence of grievances pics prior to forwarding them to the lawyer who represents the complex. I will also follow up on this board to update any ongoing issues.

  • Updated by Annoyomous, Jun 18, 2017

    Pembroke, Ma is the correct location not Georgia.

Jun 18, 2017

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