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On Sept 1 2017 I purchased a flight from Edmonton to Phoenix for Dec 1. About a month after that, a friend who I was going to be joining up with ended up having back surgery and had to cancel our vacation.

I cancelled my flight with Flighthub on Nov 16 2017. At the time, on the phone, the rep had advised it was a refund for the same passenger and airline to be used within 1 year of purchase, expiring Sept 1 2018. I thought that won't be a problem as I had plans for a flight in July 2018 and August 2018.

I called back November 17 2017 to see if the cancellation had gone through as I saw a charge on my VISA, but the Cancellation Confirmation which the rep the day prior said he would send, was never sent. Once the rep on the line on the 17th stated it was confirmed as cancelled, I asked oat check if I could use the refund and get a quote for another flight. He then mentioned it was for the same destination as the prior cancelled ticket. I advised that is not what the rep the day before said. He essentially said that it is what it is and the destination could not be changed.

I spoke with the manager who then said she would see with the airline if they could change my flight. She got back to me and advised the flight from Edmonton to Detroit would be $608?!. I told her I looked at regular flights on their websites for the dates I needed and the flights were charging between $328-$367. So, why would I be charged literally double the price? She said the $608 was prior to using my refund so my ticket would still be $608 minus the refund. I said that didn't make any sense as if I were any other customer looking for those dates and that destination, the charge would be in the $300 range without using any credit/refund.

She had nothing to say other than that this was the best price.

I advised I want a refund as this was not what I was told when I cancelled my flight. She advised no refund was available.

Address for Flighthub is:
3333 Boulevard de la Côte-Vertu #600, Saint-Laurent, QC H4R 2N1
[protected] under the name Momentum Ventures.
Website is

Nov 17, 2017

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