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I completeley agree with this young lady, except for the fact that I was to savy for these idiots.They wanted me to work for nothing and when I refused I was hung up on.Then I was sent a follow up e-mail saying I did not understand the opportunity and they were so surprised I did not accept this bogus job.I then sent a reply that indicated my skill and experience and that I paid my dues and deserved to be paid even during training.I said only a sucker would accept a job like this, They then tried to say I was the sucker because I did not have the vision to get ripped of and abused.The only question I have for these Jack ### is if I were so bad a candidate and not a real salesman why did you contact me in the 1st place. I want to leave Moment-o-scam-o-meter this parting message:Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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