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Burnsville, Minnesota

Not true!
I just read this report on Molliwood Productions, the business owned by Molli Funk, and would like to comment that none of the things reported have ever happened to me. I started working for Molli in 2003 and have worked many jobs for her ranging from in-store demonstrations to managing events with major clients. I have always received every paycheck for every job worked. Last year I was short money for Christmas so Molli pre-paid me my paycheck before she was even paid for the job!

I have many, many friends and my brother who have also worked events for Molli. I know for a fact that each of them have received every paycheck for every event ever worked as well. Molli has added travel expenses to many checks for working events far from my house.

I would recommend Molliwood to everyone in the promotional industry as a company who gets good, fun jobs and as a company that you do not have to worry about getting paid for your work! The other model from Ohio must have worked for a different company because what she described is not the company that I have known and worked for during the past five years.

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  • Le
      6th of Oct, 2008

    ok...this is just getting
    to those of you who do not know...molli funk allowed a business to work with her and pull along on her coat tails a few years back...the agency ran out with her money along with numerous models money...molli had to hire her legal support, do the investigating, drive to the state this agency said to be opperating of, numerous hotels stays to finally get her settlement of monies the thousands mind you!!! i just find it odd that the last "large" lump sum to complete the payoff of monies stolen was "VERY" recent...and out of 18 years this bogus out of the woodwork to claim false statements!!! lets just say people are smarter than what ya think!!! again, just like on [redacted] it states.."provide your paper work to back your complaint" guess what???? it doesnt exist!!! lol...
    again, kudos molli for keeping a sucessfull business up and running for so long and making so many people happy!!!
    and yes...i too work for molli and before i can even ask my checks in my hands and im on the way to the bank!!!
    thanks again molli for all your hard work and dedication to the truth of you can see bogus complaints even though this is your "FIRST"...dont stand a chance!!!

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  • Le
      6th of Oct, 2008

    i forgot the most important parts to this complaint!!! [redacted] states CLEARLY about posting false statements!!! be it as mad as you get, your supposed to post only statements that are true!!! i would DEFINATELY be worried about posting that a business does NOT have a tax id. i would DEFINATELY be worried about posting that a company has been taken to court over a FALSE job!!! maby the person who posted this has never considered this before posting!!!
    statement you claim to be true:
    1. molli didnt pay you for a job? where's the job ID #???????????
    2. you had to sue molli for your "job" where's the court info??????????
    3. you tried to call molli so you say?????? why dont ya give her a call...its still the same!!!
    4. she moved out of ohio because she has not paid "numerous" models??? i believe it was because her husband recieved an enormous promotion!!! (ouch!)

    so...miss nina let me just call you nina...
    your going against the guidelines of [redacted] and posting false facts which you are not backing up with proper and factual who's dissorganized!!! LOL

    a completely satisfied
    employee of molliwood productions
    chadwick ganz!!!

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  • An
      6th of Oct, 2008

    Evansville, Indiana

    'here we go again!!!' lol
    well...let me start off by following the guidelines set forth by [redacted] per a rebuttal... provide proof!!!
    and heres how ya do that!!!
    1. proof of a promotional demo...which is not; follow up reports, date and time of promo, paper training by where is it?????
    2. step two...demand it!!! for all we know...(estactically employed by molliwood) a 10 year old wrote this hoax!!!
    3. and last but not least... FORGET #3!!!
    your bogus and clearly know nothing about this line of work...or own a disreputable and discredited business in this line of work and still dont know the blatent facts!!!
    you never provided proof of the 'job' of which you never provided proof of the 'legal help' you say you obtained...and wouldnt you want people to know you never provided your information so that someone may contact why dont we just get down to brass tacks and call a 'fake' a 'fake' and lets let the true, honest, hardworking business owners run their show as much as it may make your grind your teeth to see someone accually 'doin it!!!' and being successful at it...
    so ladies and gentlemen...let me say that i have worked for molli funk numerous times and with only more to come, and not once have i ever not been paid!!! crap!!! all that said i would sometimes have the money in my account before even stepping off the plane!!! this woman works hard...raises children who are 'well rounded' and very sure none of which will grow up to 'sit behind a computer and lash out falsly because their broke and bitter'!!! and trust me ladies and single and a clean freak...but i would gladly lick the grout of this womans floor any day!!! kudos to you molli...your business is successful and your happy...and guess what??? ive worked for molli for a few years now...and yes you guessed it!!! IM HAPPY TOO!!!

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  • Co
      3rd of Nov, 2008

    Nina Rotten, , , , , , , , , where are you? Just curious, no rebuttal to this since you were shredded apart with the truth. Im sure you thought you could do some damage. Nice try. Did it back-fire on you? Let me answer that for you. YOU BET! Your litte rebuttal on Scott errr Chadwich! So what name or personality are you going by lately? Whats the matter Nina? You a coward not to post again? I thought so. Out of lies on people? Thought so, mmmm a eyeroll here, does the phrase get a life mean anything? You're so talented & creative Nina. Poor thing! Must be lonely to surround yourself with nothing but loosers in your life. Talk about running from the law. Did you know alcohol (beer is the biggest drug). so look who you surround yourself with? People in glass house dont throw stones Nina.

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  • An
      25th of Jun, 2010

    Molli Funk of Molliwood Productions was awarded a Cival Harassment Charge and No contact order against Tina Norris TNT MGMT, TNT MANAGEMENT for cyberstalking/emails, and for fake online reports, and postings, posing as a model. This is not a isolated incident. Tina Norris often writes on sites posing a a model with non payment issues which is libleous and full of lies on other agencies or talent.

    Tina Norris TNT MGMT has harassed Molli Funk and several other agencies/talent, as well as family/friends/employers of the agencies/talent she harasses.

    Please see a written statement from ONE of Tina Norris former employess who worked for Tina Norris of TNT MGMT . This former employee has provided inside information of the libelous attacks and lies she has written on others. This is NOT the only employee of TNT MGMT TINA NORRIS that has come forward with inside information in regards to Tina Norris or Theresa Catanese deceptive practices. SEE BELOW!

    To Whom It May Concern:

    My name is Shannon Rice ( Ballard) and I worked for TNT Management and Integreat Staffing ( Christina Norris) from 2006 until October of 2009.

    During the 3 years of working for these companies I witnessed Christina Norris posting on [redacted].com and in regards to Molli Funk, Loris Rosas, and Chadwick Smith. She would personally and professionally attack all 3 of these individuals. These postings were extremely slanderous and untrue. I know that she often would “change her name” when making these pots and do it under a fictitious name. Christina Norris also contacts the clients and models of these individuals and slanders them in an effort to stop them from doing business.
    Christina Norris was convinced that the 3 individuals named above were of “mob mentality” and were out to ruin her business though as far as I am aware she has never had ANY business dealings with Lori Rosas or Chadwick Smith and very limited with Molli Funk.

    These are in no way the only 3 individuals that she harassed or attacked via the internet. They are just the only 3 that asked me whether or not I had any first hand knowledge and I do.

    Christina Norris was working with Theresa CantAnese through Integreat Staffing using the names Julia Warren and Marilyn Mayes. They have been working together on various events the entire duration of my employment with Christina Norris.
    If you should have any questions I can be contacted at (PHONE NUMBER AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST)


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