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Please be advised that Molliwood Productions was forced into taking legal action against Teresa Cantanese due to her lack of professionalism, communication and monetary irresponsibility. I am a witness to this as I am one of the models who did not get paid for a job I worked for Teresa. Not to mention the multiple phone calls I made on behalf of myself and Molliwood Productions in an effort to collect my money independently. It never cease to amaze me that those low-density broads are always calling Molli to staff their events and then they want to turn around and hate on her because they've failed to pay. Writing this phony report only display this person's deep rooted jealousy issues. The true problem is that Teresa Cantanese agency failed and Molliwood Productions continues to excel.

There have been many people trying to emulate Molli and Molliwood Productions because she is good at what she does. However, it takes honesty, hard work and dedication. Molli has exceptional organizational skills, professional, and has great work ethics. Those were the qualities that kept me working with her and her team.

We always knew that there were haters in the world. However, Molli was standing up for herself, her agency and the talent who was owed compensation from Teresa. Teresa has always wanted what Molli had and what Molli currently have now. Also, there are not too many women walking the earth with a gorgeous figure, an exceptional man, 3 beautiful children and a beautiful home. Every time Molli makes a decision about life, it is always a good one. You have done so many good things for people. No one is a stranger to her. She has made me feel like part of her family. Each and every time I had a problem, a question or just wanted to talk, she has always made time for me. I am a professional person and I only work with people of my caliber. Ms. Nina Rotti who? What? When? And where did she crawl from? As long as I've worked for Molli, I have never heard of a Nina nor have I ever worked with her. Only classy, mature, intelligent ladies work for Molli not the vicious and malicious. I started my promotional career with Molli in May, 2001. Since I've been working with Molliwood Productions, I've earned lots of money. I have been paid for each and every job. From 2002 – 2006, I worked for Molliwood and a temp agency and was able to afford to purchase a Star Craft Chevy Express luxury, fully loaded conversion van. Molli had so much work that I was able to keep my mortgage caught up and enjoy fun work with good pay. I have received accurate communication, proper and effective training, and have been treated fairly from day one. Molli has employed my mother, father, uncle, and daughter to execute high profile promotions on behalf of large consumer based companies. Essentially, Molliwood Productions is the only promotional agency that pays on time and pays extremely well. I have proof in my home and at my tax accountant's office that Molli Funk does indeed have a tax ID number. Molli is one of the most, kind hearted people that I know and she would never discredit anyone, never would steal, always professional and honest.

I am happy to know Molli and her family. I also feel good about myself and the goals I achieved by being employed by her agency. As we get closer to 2009, I will continue to support Molli and work for her for as long as she continues to own and operate her business.

Minna' Starr

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