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1 OH, United States Review updated:

Let me start off by saying that Molli Funk who owns Molliwood Productions is one
the most respected, talented, honest and trust worthy person's you will ever
meet. Not only has she been a successful business owner for the past 18 years,
without a single complaint with the exception of Nina Rotti who? But also has
one of the worlds largest client's that books talent directly through her agency
of 500 plus independent contractors. So like the title of this response who the
hell is Nina Rotti??? So lets set a few things straight. I have been working
for Molli going on 10 years and you know every year I receive a 1099 from her
and low and behold there's a tax id number on there. So that clarifies one of
the lies. And how does a women successfully run a business for 18 years and be
so disorganized?? Not only does she successfully run that business she also
manages a home, 3 wonderful children and a husband and yes you guess it a dog.
Hey, Nina Rotti who? It doesn't take a rocket scientists to understand why
Molli works out of her home. Why would she pay to rent a "room" to call it her
"office" when her business is something that is done over the computer, which
brings me to my next question Nina Rotti who?? How do you lose paperwork that
you don't have physically in your hands??? You don't because its done over the
computer and is sent directly to the client.

So lets move on to your next lie. Molli moved because her husband received
a promotion within the company he works for and it was too good to pass up,
thats why Molli and her family moved. Supposedly you filed paperwork with a
lawyer, so where is it???? I went to the court house and they have no record
of any filings with the name of Nina Rotti or Molli Funk. So, without putting
much thought into that one we will just some it up as Nina Rotti has once again
lied. Big surprise. Nina, you stated that you never got "repaid" repaid for
what??? You only get paid once for each promotion that you do. Typo right??
Guess what they have this neat little feature out for all your other mistakes is
called spell check try using it some time. And as far as you financial
situation I would say it falls into the same category as your spelling, try
counting on both hands next time. How is your error Molli's fault???? To me
this is nothing more than an angry person that is trying to destroy the
reputation of a wonderful person. Well guess what, you better get up a little
earlier next time. And if what you say is so true provide some hard evidence
paperwork, case numbers, etc and prove that what is coming out of that hole in
you face is true. Let me close this unnecessary rebuttal by saying that for
the past 10 years that I have worked for Molli, I have had nothing but wonderful
experiences as well as other talent that have worked for her. I have worked a
lot of high profile promotions as well as managing many events and I have have
gotten nothing but positive feedback from Molli's talent regarding her. So my
suggestion to anyone looking for promotional work to contact Molli and on any
and all emails that she sends it has her phone number and address where you may
contact her and has had the same number for the past 6 years. So Nina Rotti the
lie about the phone number, well do we really have to go there? She answers
all calls in a timely manor, and will help with any issues you may have. So
like I said before we all would love to see documentation and proof of these

Jamie Stupprich, A real contracted model.

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  • Lo
      6th of Oct, 2008
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    I have worked with Molli for the past 3 years in the Promotional Modeling world. I know who her clients are, and I know many of her models who also work for me in the Print / Advertising world.
    I refer dozens of models a month to Molli to do promotional modeling, and I have never - not once - heard or experienced anything negative with Molli or her business. She is one of the most knowledgeable women in the Promotional Modeling Industry I have ever met.
    She is beautiful, talented and successful - and there are some people out there who just WISH they had a piece of what she has... there is no doubt in my mind who this so called "Nina Rotti" is. Molli has one enemy in the world, and this person is just trying to get revenge on Molli because "Nina Rotti"'s so called "Agency" has been sued several times this year for non-payment to Models... and Molli was one of those people who had to sue her for thousands of dollars as well. Molli hasnt destroyed her reputation... "Nina Rotti" has destroyed it herself. I have experienced this attempt of revenge from "Nina Rotti" as well. Fortunately, the truth always reveals itself, and my business tripled over the last year.

    So... again... Nina Rotti... how about some more information about these court cases?

    Molli Funk rocks.

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