Moi Mooi Spaextremely bad service and refund

I registered the 09 Jan 2018, received membership the 12 Jan 2018. Had to cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances and send e-mail 18 Jan 2018 .Received an e-mail stating that my cancellation will go through after final payment and I replied that i have not used the facilities and the contract is a week old. Did not get feedback and send another e-mail this morning . Received a call after 3 e-mails and was told that the cancellation will go through at the end of Feb, so they are going to deduct Jan and Feb and then the contract can be cancelled.In turn no facilities was used and I was told it my fault that I didn't use the facilities after I was advise to cancel the appointments I have made.Billing of account continuing after contract cancelled and last payment made.

Just to inform you that i have picked up my contract is not cancelled as the money was still deducted at the end of April.I called and explained the situation they said I will only receive a refund in 2 weeks time.I asked if I can get my refund urgently or escalate this to the manager and were told that although I speak to the manager, I will not receive it earlier than 2 weeks.Is this not terrible customer service for a business ?

Had called and send e-mails and still no response from the company as to when I will receive my refund.This is really Pathetic service.
I still have not received my refund an nobody from Moimooi respond to my emails.

Its almost a year and still waiting, no response and very very bad customer service

Dec 05, 2018

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